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Over the 10 years since launching my design blog; Studio Home into the exciting but unpredictable online world, I’ve had the unique position to watch the arrival of social media and its effect on small business. I’ve witnessed hundreds grab hold of the channels as a way to communicate directly with likeminded people on a local and global scale. Jumping on board myself has allowed me to gather, form, experiment and pull apart many ideas on how to successfully navigate this world of communication in direct benefit to business.

On the flipside, when communicating with the many business owners themselves, I’ve noticed the sense of the anxiety, confusion and tangled expectataions held on how social media can be utilised as a (largely free!) business tool.

My general feeling over the last few years is that social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have been the BEST thing to have ever happened to small business (of all types and industries) and I just needed to assist in bridging the gap and teach people how to understand and wrangle it to become a manageable AND satisfying part of their biz promotion.

Currently I offer a limited number of Kickstart package’s aimed at business and individuals wanting one-on-one support to start or rejuvenate their social, marketing strategy and general online identity.
I am available to slip into YOUR business to provide immediate updates, ideas and supported change to your online channels to emphasise YOUR points of difference in this world of content overload.

I specialise in kickstarting sustainable and effective online activity for small business and one-man-bands with a program that is aimed to boost your confidence and allow you to take over the reins once our work together is done.

These comprehensive packages start from $2000 + gst

Please don’t hesitate to email me on hello@studiohome.co.nz OR call 027 265 6216

A few words from my clients:

Jax Hamilton
celebrity chef, Masterchef finalist, author, speaker and founder of Jax Food Hax. 

“From the very first moment I sat down with Julia Atkinson of Studio Home, I knew firstly, we would be great mates, but also, her knowledge of all things social media (‘me dear) and business strategy, was bang on with my businesses  : Jax Hamilton Cook / Jax Food Hax. Most importantly, she got ‘me’ as a solo operator and totally understood how I needed to move forward in order to refresh my brand and launch my web series.

We live in a time of digital content, online strategy and live streams.  Where businesses require a Social Media presence / platform for reputation and authenticity.  However, to jump into that world from a place of ‘dial up safety’ requires courage and a depth of tenacity.
Digital online audience growth, is a slow process, it’s scary, overwhelming and intoxicating.
With her wealth of hands on experience and multitude of social media audiences, Julia has been a treasure chest of priceless information, guidance and expertise.  Her personal approach is awe inspiring and she has the patience of a saint! She has the ability to deliver from the business owner’s perspective, to lay down any preconceived ideas and rearrange her thinking to create a personalised strategy with complete confidence.

It’s not as scary as we think it is, we all just need a ‘Julia’ to help us pull on our ‘big girl knickers’, trust the process and believe in our own digital voice.”

Workshops (delayed but coming soon online!)

“A Demystifying Guide to Facebook and Instagram for Small Business”

A Demystifyingg Guide to Facebook and Instagram for Small Business // By Julia Atkinson

A Demystifyingg Guide to Facebook and Instagram for Small Business // By Julia Atkinson

After a successful year of touring my workshops in 2016 (“A Demystifying Guide to Facebook and Instagram for Small Business”/”Pin’n’ Pitch”) and producing a book to support them, I am now working hard to take them all online for your convenience, time management and pocket!

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