How I keep this blogging biz rolling !

The technology I use to keep my blogging biz mobile, safe and growing! My Seagate collection of harddrives. /
When I was a “normal” person with a real job and a glossy big desktop computer I honestly didn’t really even know why hard drives were particulary neccessary? Certainly not compact fast ones with insane storage capability!
At some stage I bought a massive clunky external hard drive that used to whirrr loudly everytime I asked it to kindly look after my photos and in the midst of moving to Auckland 1.5 yrs ago and an almighty clean up….it subsequently took 8 years of photos hostage after I think I threw away its cord. Hmmm.

The last 18 months has seen me being the most mobile I have been in my life. It took me a while to recognise the immense freedom in having an internet based business, but once I did … well I took to it easily! The slightly frustrating fact though was that everyone always thought I was on holiday – “Yes, I was in Melbourne/Wanaka/Gold Coast but I’ve worked from 8am – 10pm every day for the last 9 days” I would reply, feeling kind of overprotective!

I guess the concept of being able to work to your fullest potential while on the move is relatively new and in my mind, made totally possible by not only the internet but the availability of slim, compact technology.

In the pic above you can see my tiny little HP Spectre laptop that I can carry in a tote bag, set up on my lap at the airport or plug into my large monitor in my office at home. But being small, it lacks a little room for storing the subsequent scree’s of raw photo files I collect as I move around interviewing. That is when the quiver of Seagate drives that I have been road testing come in.

I’ve become so terrified of losing/damaging portable hard drives that I now travel with two and have them both backed up with the same files as much as I can. Yes – I also keep them in different bags and at home, in different parts of the house! The ones I use at the moment are the super convenient Wireless Plus and the insanely juicy Back up Plus FAST. Both are small and light and well, my constant travel companions.

Then at home I have the good looking and meaty Central Shared Storage which plugs into my wireless router and allows me to back up all my devices wirelessly…just wishing my TV was smart enough to link in and browse my movies too! I’m now also starting to explore how to access this info if need be while on the road via the Seagate Media App – essentially creating a personal cloud !

It’s the future my friends!

Rest assured – all the opinions above are my very own.
This post was done in partnership with Seagate Australia/New Zealand who have assisted me in safe guarding and growing my business.


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  1. Klim Andreev says:

    oh choice. I wish I had the same set up like you do.

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