Japan adventure!

Well my peeps I am off on an adventure. Today I am getting on to plane in Auckland then on to Tokyo on Saturday as part of a very cool trip organised by my talented friend and photographer Camilla (those are some previous pics of Japan by her above)  As part of a the job she has for the Nagano Tourism Board she needed to recruit some “talent” (haha!) for her ski shots and just so happened that a writer would be a handy addition too! So lucky lucky me is off as a ski model and blogger along with a crew of terrific awesome people including my flatmate Jase who will be capturing the whole trip on film!. I can’t wait to share the results with you all! I’ll be blogging for a UK Snow site while there and do my best to share cool pics and links with you on the Studio Home facebook page.

In the mean time (back on the 30th!) I would invite any of you with creative, interesting and delicious suggestions for future blogs to comment below cos I will be ready for blog overload for the rest of 2012!

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  1. Emma says:

    I am soooo jealous. Have an amazing trip. I spent last winter in Fernie, B.C. and am now completely addicted to powder.
    I’ve only just discovered your blog but loving it. Please post lots of epic ski shots when you get back.

  2. Jess - shelf / life says:

    NO WAY!! I leave Sunday week!! We’re doing Tokyo then up to Rusutsu, near Niseko. We’ll have to compare notes. Have fun!! x

  3. paula costello says:

    Wow ju, awesome can’t wait to hear more about it! Yaieeee Japan

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