I actually should have said “hair magician, DIY renovator extraordinaire and genuinely gorgeous girl” – but hey, it would have messed with my formatting. Although I may be slightly biased due to the friendship I have with Kat, I think if you took a browse through her new blog Love + Ginger and gave your locks an hour in her salon you would agree wholeheartedly. Pushing through the upheaval of the Feb 2011 Christchurch earthquake, Kat and Guy moved on to totally overhaul their little corner of the city into what I can only say is an almost unbelievable rejuvenation. Enjoy.

WHAT:  Our little house/salon/office….We moved from our beloved first home in Lyttelton after that shaky day in Christchurch and we have been renting and renovating this little pad that belongs to my parents ever since. When we started, it was not pretty (I’m being polite) it had been rented out for 10years and you could tell.

WHERE:  Christchurch ‘burbs, nuff said.

WHO: I share this home with my husband Guy, our dog-child Jed and our gigantic-ball-of-fluff cat Rufus

DESCRIPTION:  The house is full of refurbished “trade me” finds, seriously good deals and DIY items…. such as my old wooden nail-box bookcase I made while Guy was up the ski field one day (proud moment). My miniature salon was the first out of the renovation-gate so that I could get back to work quick smart, we painted the floorboards white, replaced a window with some french doors and I covered the opposite wall in mirror tiles to create the illusion of much more space. Lots of trees outside =  loads of singing birdys, which makes for a happy workspace… I love sitting in the sun and blogging in between clients or flicking my way through the salon mags (somebody’s gotta do it) .  When it comes to the home, some of my favourite bits are, the deer antler coat rack that Guy made for us, the blackboard that  I made for our wedding that we found had somersaulted off our wall in Lyttelton during THE earthquake and landed face up amidst a sea of broken crockery on the floor, seeing that ‘weekly’ quote when we walked into our home was pretty poignant and this is one blackboard that won’t be seeing a duster again. Ahhhhh and most importantly my kitchen, I chose every little last detail in an almost obsessive smeagol (my precious) kinda way and I love getting all Martha Stewart up in there. Although the renovation was pretty darn laborious, it was SUCH an achievement and we have learnt some serious DIY skills from my Dad along the way…bonus!

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  1. Jeremy Nurse says:

    Hello Kat and Guy,
    Congratulations from us all for your new wee girl. We all have something to send you but have no address so if you can let us know we will post away. Hope to catch up with you soon.

    • julia says:

      Hi Jeremy! Gosh only found this comment now!

      This post about Katrina and Guy is on my blog…not their own site. I am guessing you have found a way to be in touch with them by now???
      Their email address is: katrinanurse@me.com


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