Kelly Thompson for Escada

Kelly Thompson for Escada

When I first met and interviewed Kelly Thompson in May last year, she indicated she was working on her biggest commercial project yet….bound by confidentiality agreements she couldn’t reveal who her client was but I can tell you my eyebrows suitably shot up when she revealed it all a few weeks ago!
Invited to pitch a concept in competition with 5 other artists (presumably from around the world) Kelly first started working on her concept for Escada’s new perfume; Born in Paradise pre Christmas 2011.
Kelly has done a series of awesome posts on her blog about the pitching stage, her concept development and her experience working with a mega international client. Check it all out in her words here and here.

I got such a buzz seeing the final artwork here, thinking really – this is another exciting example of the internet and its ease of access/communication allowing artists living down under to be in the mix with even the biggest kids.

Well done Kelly from Rotorua!

Escada_Born_In_Paradise_Kelly Thompson illustrator3

Kelly Thompson for Escada

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