Nodi Rugs - New Zealand
It’s seriously a great pleasure to be the first to introduce NODI Rugs to all of you !
I got a legitimate prickle of excitement when I first opened the lookbook from designer Olivia Smith… sooooo refreshing to see plush rugs that are innovative, unique and attractive!!

Olivia has travelled extensively to induge her passion for design including studying Textile Design at The European Institute and working for several fabric houses based in Italy.
But India and that soft but persistant idea of creating something on her own crept up on her and off she went after it. She spent 6 months researching hand weaving and tufting techniques, meeting artisans and creating the production base to bring NODI to life.
And now she is back to her homebase of Wellington and ready to share her exciting collection.
Seriously…you’d have to agree NODI is a beautiful addition to the NZ owned design scene!

Wellingtonians, Olivia will have her collection on show at August, 13 Garret Street from the 14th to 18th of Feb. She would love to see any of you there and it would be a great opportunity to check the rugs out in person as she is still at the beginnings of her hunt to connect with like minded stockists.

I just want to say good luck Olivia! And it is my total aim to one day own one of these lush creations!

Nodi Rugs - New ZealandNodi Rugs - New ZealandNodi Rugs - New Zealand nodiNodi Rugs - New Zealand Nodi Rugs - New Zealand Nodi Rugs - New Zealand

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  1. Karena Mawson says:

    I am looking to purchase the Lavender and Marigold Nodi rug. I have found a supplier in Australia but would prefer to purchase in New Zealand if I am able.
    Kind regards,

  2. julia says:

    Hi Karen,

    Please just click through to the Nodi rugs website from the link in the post above…all the details for you to get in touch with their team are there. xo

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