Aside from my very strong love of Lake Wanaka and her dramatic beauty, these images shot by Queenstown photographer Emily Adamson pull in more than just the magic of the scenery. Christine and Craig were the only ones at their wedding because they eloped (!!)…from Alaska (!!!!) and Emily was invited to capture their day. What an adventure and a privilage! You can see the whole album over here at Emily’s website.

Sorry about the slightly gap-ish posting this week! I am juggling last week of work wrap up, tidying up the end of my Wanaka days, getting in quality time with my crew and somehow pinning my mind to the back of my head when it takes off into dream time over the impending Blogcademy and NYC adventure.….stop it! In the mean time, my ring fetish continues and I would very much like to add this little equestrian number from A Skulk of Foxes to my collection.

Me getting a face full of silky Nozawa Onsen pow! I was VERY lucky to be invited on a 3 week trip to Nagano, Japan in January 2012 by my good friend and super talented photographer Camilla Stoddart. She had been commissioned by the Nagano Tourism Council to collect footage across the 4 ski resorts of Hakuba, Shiga Kogen, Nozawa Onsen and Myoko to be used for advertising and promotion primarily to the Australian and English market. Lucky for me I was picked out of the bunch to be a

The first in a series of 4 blog posts from Japan for Ski Club Great Britain Stepping off the plane in Tokyo after a comfortable 10 hour skip north from NZ is like shutting your eyes on earth and opening them again only to see Mars. Our mixed group of Japan veterans and virgins left a balmy dry kiwi summer to embark on a shared adventure for what we were sure was to be everything but what we expected. That was a very good assumption to start with. Ninja Bar

The powder adventure continues in Shiga Kogen After three days of exploring Hakuba, our crew were feeling acclimatized to the immense and fascinating Japanese culture and ready to venture further into the wintry reaches of Nagano. A bus and train transfer got us to Yamanouchi town which sits in a wide river valley 30 minutes from Nagano and at the base of the mountain that played host to our next ski destination, Shiga Kogen. With only a portion of our day used for travel we decided to take advantage of the clear

The adventure continues… and hits the powder jackpot in Nozawa Onsen Nozawa Onsen may just be the complete combo of charming Japanese culture and brilliant snow that an overseas ski trip is all about! After visiting Hakuba and Shiga Kogen which are surrounded by relatively sprawling urban areas, Nozawa in contrast is a compact and beautiful hillside township dotted with big old trees, bath houses, street side shopping and accommodation. The silky thermal water of the area is central to not only the local way of life but has been attracting visitors for centuries. Streets

The end of the line for an epic ‘Japanuary’ adventure… I think Mother Nature took a keen interest in our winter tour of Nagano, because she decided to treat us on our arrival in Myoko. She decided to treat us REAL good. The Myoko area, on average, receives 13 metres of snow a year. That’s kind of up there as one of the snowiest places on the planet! Who knew?! Well we definitely didn’t and that is why the 3.5-plus metres of snow that fell over the three days of

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