NZ_BANNER_STUDIOHOMESimone Madigan - The School NZ The School and their travelling roadshow of crazy talented creatives is arriving just next week!!! I’m excited to introduce you to the final tutor in this series of interviews; Simone Madigan who is winging her way over to demystify and teach you ( in a way non computer geeks can understand!) how to use Photoshop effectively and easily.

Simone is a successful creative in her own right with her beautiful range of hand printed products and textiles. With the ability to understand the needs of a creative small business owner AND the ins-and-outs of the handy but sometimes elusive programme of Photoshop she is the perfect person to guide you through the full day, hands on workshop.

Photoshop is a programme I use daily and I’ll admit it wasting a massive amount of time chugging through stuff when a simple course could lead me to a much more productive outcome!!! Check out her interview below (and that great little vid of the Melbourne class) and most definitely take a look at the course details here.

Photoshop For Bloggers and Beginners Workshop from Simone Madigan on Vimeo. Simone Madigan - The School NZSimone Madigan - The School NZSimone Madigan - The School NZSimone Madigan - The School NZSimone Madigan - The School NZ Simone Madigan

What is your day job? Well really I have 2 day jobs. One is my little textile design company called States of Nature. I produce scarves, brooches and teatowels that are all hand printed in Australia and sold in independent retailers throughout the country. And my other day job is as a consultant to other small businesses, doing design work and training people in how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for their own websites, blogs, online shops and catalogues.

What led you to do what you do? I have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for many years, and recently finished a Masters in Printmaking where I looked at the relationship of digital technology and traditional printmaking techniques. It was so much fun! My work grew from exhibitions and design markets into wholesaling and designing for my customers, and I have also taught these skills to students of fashion and interior design.

What are your favourite aspects of your chosen work? I really love my quiet time making and designing, but I also like working with clients and helping people. It’s really good to find a balance and I now know that too much time spent in my own studio drives me a bit batty! So while I find it very nurturing and meditative, I know that I might be spending the next day with a client so both aspects of my work really complement one another. I enjoy learning about other people’s businesses, at different stages of their life cycle. I love hearing people’s stories of why they do what they do, and how we can make a great blog, website or online shop around that story.

Tell us about your class you teach at The School? Who would it interest and why should I tell my friends to go? My classes at The School are all about Photoshop, design, the internet and how to make your digital images work in your blog, website and online shop. These technical skills are totally not sexy, but they are very important! I teach the basics of how to make good images better, turning them into banners and buttons on the web, and generally building up confidence in the use of the tools available. Nobody wants to sit alone at the computer getting frustrated and confused. Yet so many people do! So in my classes at The School we focus on fast, fun step-by-step exercises and get to talk about all the glitches as they happen on the spot. That way the confusion level drops as the day continues and there is a whole lotta learning going on. The group dynamic is wonderful too, people asking questions that most people want answered means that we all get to share in one another’s progress. Most of all it is a fun day with ample opportunity for chatting, eating and instagramming! The School

Check out the rest of the interview series we have run so far on the The School team of teachers coming to NZ in November. Not to mention the amazing array of classes on offer!!

There is still some special spots available with two of my most fave creatives!Stephanie Somebody can teach you how to use the powerful channel of instagram to its full potential and Brooke Holm will pass on all her tricks of the photography trade which she is dominating!

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