Sirens Swimwear

Sirens SwimwearSirens Swimwear had popped up on my radar a few times over the last year or so and had been relegated to my “should post one day soon” list. But it was the chance to actually try on their designs at the recent Brisbane Finders Keepers that immediately shot them to the top of that list!
Togs (kiwi speak here…) have always been a bit of a bloody trial for me! While I have posted some beautiful ones before – realistically they weren’t anything that I could wear myself. Sirens are amazing. Lets just say “support” has always been an issue and style is generally compromised to get it! But not with this brand. I tried on at least three of their designs and all had me looking and feeling better in a bathing suit than I had for agggeesss! In the end I was surprised in loving the ruffly Monica Frill pictured above. My long and slim sister went for the Tiffany Ruffle in red and we are both stoked with our choices.
For you readers out there with “lady lumps” I really probably couldn’t recommend these for your beach frollicking more if I tried!

Sirens SwimwearSirens SwimwearSirens SwimwearSirens Swimwear

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  1. Jessica says:

    Oh! Do you know if they have any NZ stockists – fun swimwear!

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