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I am a long and confirmed fan of Abby Seymour so to have her new collection campaign shots land in my email yesterday was a tad EXCITING! I think you’ll agree her jewellery walks the amazing line of imperfect perfection. This is a bit of a sneak peak for you as the full Dots + Dashes collection will be launched online and with stockists early in 2014.  BUT she will have it available for pre order (receiving before Christmas) in Melbourne at the Mattt Pop Up Store launching tonight and The

From left: Beth-Emily, Abby Seymour, Tom Fitzgerald. …… This is a Creative HQ with a difference! It gives you a peek not only into the shared workspace of three ambitious creatives based at the Young Husband Studios in Kensington, but also their thoughts and experiences in working in a shared environment. Being someone that predominately works alone (currently!) I have rather idealistic opinions about shared workspaces and having been lucky enough to see a few AMAZING ones of late I feel justified in them! Below I’ll give you a brief

Erica Keppel returned to Melbourne’s World Heritage Exhibition building to suss out who the new kids on the block might be from the last time she attended! Made 590 For those of you who are familiar with Finders Keepers, it will come as little surprise to most of you, that when Studio Home’s Ju gave me the heads up regarding coverage of this month’s Finders Keepers Markets in Melbourne, I threw down my herb pruning shears, slapped on some lippy and peddled off on my pushy, desperate to check out the

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