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I think most people would agree that a husband and wife business team can either be wildly successful or perhaps wildly disfunctional! Those that do gel tend to have a longevity and solidness that trumps other partnerships and I think that Claire and Greg of NZ based jewellery brand; Meadowlark might just be a shining example of that. Despite having visited their old HQ late last year I jumped at the chance to be the first to check out their shiny new Auckland space and share their story in full

Yesterday I popped in to check out the new premises of Ponsonby Central store; Weekend Trader. I had been regularly dragging my feet through their smaller shop since their opening earlier in the year and was pretty damn excited to see that the larger footprint has been put to good use with a whole throng of new products! Designer and owner Terry Curtis has got some seriously good taste. I originally thought that the store was the result of some intense research and immaculate curation – but in fact much

Kiwi designer Matt Nash produces a collection of incredibly hardy and damn styley bags. I can personally vouch for their functionality as used one recently to contain the masses of “toddler back up kit!” needed while caring for my friends 2 year old. He has a great range of designs and colours and perhaps the clincher is the very cool addition of a NZ pre-decimal coin sewn into the inside pocket for luck. I like that.  

I first met Sal Valentine post a few celebratory wines at my good friends high country wedding in April this year. Despite the wild weather lashing the marquee, Sal and his funky band The Babyshakes absolutely rocked the party and there wasn’t a single person who didn’t have a spin on the dance floor (for a non dancer like myself – this says a lot!) So he seemed like a interesting character to introduce to all of you and I was stoked when he agreed to let not only me

Pictured from left: Elliot Alexander and intern Willem Ockhusen. Artwork: Evie Kemp If you have read Studio Home from the start, you may have recognised that little ad on the right hand column as having been there right from day dot. Back in 2008, in what feels now like the early days of the NZ online design scene, Elliot Alexander and his sister Kate built their own small corner of the internet and set out to bring the products of the kiwi “one man band” designers and artists to the masses. Limited

The base of Auckland homewares label; LornaLove was so light and bright that combined with the intense NZ sunshine – I faced a bit of a technical challenge to take any photos at all! Beautiful and pint sized designer, Lorna Anderson, greeted me with fairytale-esque cupcakes and my very own LornaLove goodies in a customised bag. It was immediately obvious to me that attention to detail comes naturally to Lorna and can be credited for the rapid rise in popularity of LornaLove over the last 9 months. We chatted about our shared

On Tuesday morning I had my first snoop into the inner workings of a magazine. I have harboured a healthy interiors mag addiction for over 12 years, so to get the guided tour behind the scenes of Urbis felt a little like stepping from the playground into the forbidden and mysterious world of the staff room. The AGM offices house some of NZ’s most respected publications focusing on design, architecture and the construction industry. As editor of Urbis, Kirsten Matthew shares her desk with fellow editors of Architecture NZ, Interior, Landscape Architecture, Progressive

I’m not sure if there are many guys out there who could curate and put together their bachelor pad like Ben Crawford can. Yes, we saw him prove his renovating and decorating ability with sister Libby on last years The Block NZ (and of course saw them win!) but when faced with a brand new, clean, white and compact 1 bedroom rented apartment he has managed to fill it to the brim with art, books, photos and all the things that make a proper home. All this minus the clutter

I couldn’t have struck a better day to visit Emma. It was a total utter cracker complete with the stereotypical summer soundtrack of crickets, hot concrete smell and fairy tale like filtered light through the oak trees lining the drive into Old Government House. She sure looked old and grand as her name suggested. Emma Newborn is a fully fledged creative soul. Currently one half of the very awesome and hilarious two women show, The Bitches Box (coming for three nights to the Auckland Fringe next week!) she is constantly turning

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