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ART. My guilty pleasure. Sigh…. A piece of art to me, is something with a story. Either attached to its subject matter or the person who created it. Art ain’t that generic canvas pulled from a stack at a chain store….although by all means buy up on those frames! Art is food for the soul and a visual treasure that becomes part of your “home”, wherever that might be. Something that you can attach memories to, not fire at the bin when you sense that “trend” is over. Despite moving town

Summer on the Sunshine Coast correctly suggests “warmth” and on my one and only visit to the area it certainly lived up to its name! It was actually a massive relief when my sister and I arrived at the home of artist; Carley Cornelissen (after an hour with zero air conditioning in the car!) and descended into her cool basement studio space. I had spotted Carley’s bright multi-media work at Byron Bay’s Retrospect Galleries and immediately googled her. It wasn’t long before a visit was arranged and I had the chance

Obsessing over the massive scope and rampant imaginations of Chilean – Australian design duo; Eggpicnic. Full intro to their print work and MUCH more on Junior’s right here.

I’m a massive and long time stalker/fan of Sydney based artist; Kate Banazi and things just heated up a little more! Prolific and constantly innovating with her art she has recently produced a collection of silk scarves that have been digitally printed with her own original work. It is a HARD choice – but its Friday and we all like a little internet window shopping…my favourite would have to be that one above…or that one immediately below…cripes…

Beautiful detailed work by artist Shane Willmett for his solo show; NATIVUS opening tonight night at PUBLIC in Brisbane. Thanks to the heads up of this woman I now follow his insta feed and am particulary loving his soft, watery equine portraiture. Title: NATIVUS Date: 24 March 2014 Time: 7pm Place: PUBLIC  400 George St Brisbane Works: Native flowers and insects Works are 25cm x 25cm and will be framed 50×50. Indian Ink on Arches.  

  Prolific creative duo; Peaches + Keen  have completed a collection of original paintings inspired by the foliage finds of their daily walks. Their beautiful, graphic series called “Botanical Calamity” opens at Modern Times in Melbourne tonight and will be in place until the 3rd of April. A lovely bright “must -see” I would think! From left: Lily Daly and Lucy Hearn. ……

Despite the raging popularity of her work across many platforms, Stanislava Pinchuk aka Miso remains humble and almost unaffected by the cult-like following she has garnered. The day I clattered up seven floors in the old lift of the Melbourne’s historic Nicholas Building, Stanislava was literally unpacking into her new studio and preparing to leave for a month long stay in Tokyo the next day. Being somewhat of a groupy myself, I lapped up the bare workspace and thought that despite its sparseness – it was of course brilliant and

It was on my visit to Byron Bay’s Retrospect Galleries and standing in front of the large framed version of the work above, that I feel well and truly in art-lust with Jeremy Piert.  I welcome you to explore.

Ok friends, this is a biggy but such a goody. When I sat down with Austin Moncrieff on the back porch of his Byron Bay house I honestly had NO idea where his story was going to go. So many times I caught myself with raised eyebrows or a disbelieving shake of the head. This guy is one of the most motivated and diverse creative forces I have ever met. And as you can see, he has a really cool house! Enjoy x While he looks like a seaside bred

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