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Du Zen are back with their take on “stuff” carriers and some colour combo’s that make me smirk and nod in agreement. Although they are only presenting their second collection it is MOST obvious that the industrial design brain of Samantha Rogers is set firm in her own strong aesthetic and prefers to dance away from the safe and the norm. This is reflected quirky, streamlined design of her bags and wallets as well as the top notch quality and luxe level leathers used in their Melbourne workshop. Explore all here.  All imagery supplied

I’m a massive and long time stalker/fan of Sydney based artist; Kate Banazi and things just heated up a little more! Prolific and constantly innovating with her art she has recently produced a collection of silk scarves that have been digitally printed with her own original work. It is a HARD choice – but its Friday and we all like a little internet window shopping…my favourite would have to be that one above…or that one immediately below…cripes…

The latest collection from Australian jeweller; Dani Maugeri  (working under the brand Dani M Designs) is packed with luxe but super wearable pieces. “Evil Eyes and After Lives” mixes metals with porcelain, inspired by natural landscapes and geometric shapes. I am particulary in love with the Just Tri necklace in black or white or blue or anything! Lots of options in there for anyone looking for a mid week treat!

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