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My love for “the bed” is strong – perhaps a little too strong for a girl my age who should be rearing to go and keeping a strict work schedule! …Gulp. Lucky/unlucky for me and my fellow slumber lovers out there, Pip Vassett of IN BED has continued to build on her sumptuous collection of linen bedding, bed time wear, and bed time accessories (think special ceramic mugs, jams for Sunday toast, tea blends, books and sheepskins to land on when you finally have to leave!) As a regular user

Once you draw breath and recover from the beauty of that sleeping space above, I’d love to introduce you to a particularly refreshing concept in bed linen. Melbourne based designer/maker; Bianca Vallentine has many collaborative ideas simmering away under her banner; The Vallentine Project, but its her hand painted and embroidered bed linen that has my heart beating! The 100% linen pillow cases and duvets are individually decorated by hand, the result being a luxurious but softly organic, modern example of handmade homeware. Explore the collection here if you feel like

Tassel is the soft, attractive new player slotting into the ranks of ethically made homewares. Bali based and kiwi powered, designer Claire Piper has chased her passion for organic cottons, gentle dyes and a commitment to fairtrade to the beautiful island and a local family’s tailoring business. The collection is classic and subtle, meaning every item will easily make itself at home mixing and matching with your own bedding and furniture – I kind of would like this guy to join me sometime soon…

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