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Beautiful detailed work by artist Shane Willmett for his solo show; NATIVUS opening tonight night at PUBLIC in Brisbane. Thanks to the heads up of this woman I now follow his insta feed and am particulary loving his soft, watery equine portraiture. Title: NATIVUS Date: 24 March 2014 Time: 7pm Place: PUBLIC  400 George St Brisbane Works: Native flowers and insects Works are 25cm x 25cm and will be framed 50×50. Indian Ink on Arches.  

I think it was the infinite networking ability of Facebook that introduced me to a little store in Brisbane called Nook. So when I landed in southern Queensland for my two month stint, Michelle Gillies and her gorgeous shop shot straight to the top of my “must visit” list! And as you can see ( I don’t think my pics quite do it justice!) Nook truly is a creative haven connecting independant Australasian makers and more with eager and receptive visitors. There were lots of familiar brands that I have

Sirens Swimwear had popped up on my radar a few times over the last year or so and had been relegated to my “should post one day soon” list. But it was the chance to actually try on their designs at the recent Brisbane Finders Keepers that immediately shot them to the top of that list! Togs (kiwi speak here…) have always been a bit of a bloody trial for me! While I have posted some beautiful ones before – realistically they weren’t anything that I could wear myself. Sirens

My latest instagram led obsession is the photo realist work of Brisbane based artist; Alex Louisa. I think these pictures really demonstrate the immense talent at work here so I’ll lay off the gushing adjectives!! Definitely take some time to check out her website and instagram feed…

The Creative HQ of Erin Lightfoot would turn any artist green with envy. Tucked away in the pretty tree lined streets of Brisbane suburb; Red Hill, Erin claims much of the ground floor of a large shared, two storied villa. At 28 years old, she has called the house “home” ever since moving up from Canberra to study graphic and then fashion design. On sitting down with Erin in the breezy open plan living area, it was of no surprise to learn that she comes from quality creative stock. With

I was suffering some serious heat/humidity induced brain drain by the time I knocked on the door of Kelley Sheenan’s Brisbane home and the Peppermint magazine HQ. Thankfully, in this part of the world they are well equip to combat their climate and after downing some icy water and sapping up the cool of the basement workspace I began to return to normal. The recovery time gave me a great opportunity to make myself comfortable and shoot the breeze with super friendly Kelley, piecing together the journey that led her to set up, design,

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