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Even though I get to visit Caroline and Simon Curtis’s cute cottage on a near weekly basis (Caroline and I are sisters!), reviewing these photo’s I shot recently reminded me of the MASS amount of work and change they have bought to this section and old home. Lets start on the right foot here – if you haven’t already reviewed the story of their Christchurch purchase and the mammoth DIY journey that would make many amateur renovators weak at the the knees, simply click here. There is a lot to

Hum Dingers of the Grid City is the personal creative project of Nicholas Burrowes. Shot around 2007, Nick cruised the streets of Christchurch documenting the many modernist commercial buildings of the city pre the first earthquake in 2010. In his words: “Some remain. Some of unknown future. Many gone forever. Crying shame. All are part of Christchurch’s fabric whether you like them or not. Concrete slabs, aggregate, blocks; brutal, imposing, international. Not everyone’s cup of tea but certainly mine.” Mine too Nick. Click through to his online store to see

If the imagery here doesn’t grab your attention then I highly reccommend you check out the video below introducing the incredibly capitivating project by artist Ian Strange. “Final Act” was created in Christchurch, using homes destined for demolition post the devastating 2011 earthquake. As part of the RISE Festival presented by Oi You – Ian worked with renown NZ cinematographer; Alun Bollinger to add even more depth to this beautiful and emotionally charged body of work. For those able to get there, the exhibition is currently showing at the Canterbury

Sometimes I kind of feel like graduate fashion can get so cutting edge and over designed that it isolates the audience as no one is sure they can pull it off! But in my opinon,  young emerging Canterbury designer; Hannah Claire has struck a fun balance between wearability and frocks that are just a wee bit special. She JUST launched her new online store last night and will be making most of her gorgeous collection to order so quality is assured! Go and have a browse.

Ten Dollar Fonts is a growing online mecca for font lovers world wide…and its based in Christchurch, NZ! Daniel McQueen is the brain behind the platform that provides an accessible and beautiful home for the work of up to 65 international typographers. I can vouch for the overwhelming anxiety when faced with hunting for “that special” type and have bookmarked a seriously long list of favourites here for future use! The three fonts below, Onehunga, Kuiper and Venezia are by a collection of NZ and Australian designers. Click on images

Maureen Taane and Yuri Bacas Hosaka When I wrote my wishlist of people to interview in Christchurch – Maureen Taane and Yuri Bacas Hosaka of HAPA were at the top. Initially this was due totally to how excited I was to see a brand new NZ focused design store spring up after the 2011 earthquake. But following our afternoon together, my appreciation and understanding of their business was quite different. HAPA is more than a store, it is a positive and exciting project aimed at cultivating local creative talent and giving

For the more discerning gentlemen in NZ, choice of snappy local fashion has been a tad limited over the years. While there has been no shortage of streetwear brands popping up on a monthly basis, tailored menswear has been disappearing into the background. That is until a Christchurch husband and wife design team decided to indulge their love of tailoring and bring some classy quirk back into the lives of the kiwi male. I visited Ra Thomson and Mickey Lin a few weeks ago in the back blocks of suburban

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