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Tassel is the soft, attractive new player slotting into the ranks of ethically made homewares. Bali based and kiwi powered, designer Claire Piper has chased her passion for organic cottons, gentle dyes and a commitment to fairtrade to the beautiful island and a local family’s tailoring business. The collection is classic and subtle, meaning every item will easily make itself at home mixing and matching with your own bedding and furniture – I kind of would like this guy to join me sometime soon…

To be fair guys, this is NOT breaking news! Imagery of the most recent Citta range has been doing the rounds online…and rightfully so. “A Winters Tale” is inspired by the beautiful nordic city of Copenhagan, and once again that close knit design team has poured their ideas across everything you could possibly think of or need in your home – offering another cohesive and down right attractive collection! So I decided to go for a trawl and check out some of my favourites. Many of these are listed “Coming

Kiwi designer Josie Dawson is a new find for me, but with cool, original work like this it wasn’t going to be long before everyone knew about her! Having left her Christchurch home she has just skipped on to a new base in Queensland after some time in Melbourne. While it is relatively early days for Josie I think the launch of her new online store and some exposure to Aussie fauna could see some cool development of her style and range.

You’re Welcome is a relatively new little kiwi label that is bringing cool construction and quality materials to a sad bare sofa near you. These are a few from their latest collection; “Holy Smoke” – loosely based on the early days of colour t.v/movies with bright saturated colours and high contrast images in all their technicolor glory. All the cushions are made of  beautiful wools and wool blends for the front covers, the backing is in a light stone/grey 100% cotton canvas and the inners are 100% duck feather throughout. Liking

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