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Those of you that have followed Studio Home for any length of time will know that I cultivate a pretty public admiration for the work of kiwi born, Melbourne based creative; Kelly Thompson. What I perhaps need to explain now – is that this has ballooned into a full blown crush following the morning I spent chatting and kicking around her warehouse apartment in July. I learnt A LOT about this pint sized talent and the importance of realising that the gloss and shine of the internet rarely communicates the

Nine years ago Marnie Goding was flexing her marketing and events skills in corporate level positions in Melbourne. The day I met her in July this year she had just finished shooting the SS13 range for her accessories brand; Elk. Her sea change wasn’t down to luck – more a passion captured and combined with some seriously savvy business acumen. My afternoon spent exploring Elk’s Preston headquarters was a bit of a dream come true really. Being a long time fan of their natural jewellery, leather accessories, clothing and general

Designer Lara Cameron – one half of Ink + Spindle. Tegan Rose was absent due to Pirate ship duties. ……  My visit to the huge brick warehouse of the Young Husband Studios in Kensington, Melbourne is not one I will be forgetting in a hurry. Not only was I getting to visit the studio of Ink & Spindle who I have faithfully stalked online for years – I was catching them at a pivotal time where they were developing an exciting new way to offer their products with some cutting

Sisters Sarah and Bree Hankinson ……  Shared work spaces and studios are not a new concept – however they seem to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance Down Under at the moment and Melbourne, with her relentless renovation of old buildings is becoming a hotspot. As someone who works only in the company of a singular obese cat, the idea of the shared work space definitely piqued my interest and on spending a couple of hours at The Windsor Workshop…well lets just say that my own company will now

Photographer Sally Goodall has the most infectious killer watt smile its impossible to resist the grin that will spring to your own lips on meeting her. Originally from Auckland, Sally relocated to her husband Callums’ native Melbourne in 2009 and its a move that has agreed with her. She has rapidly built up a portfolio of private and commercial clients which, among others, include Rollie and Lululemon. But its her collaborative partnership with fellow photographer Tori Simson that has led her into the creative world of wedding photography and a

I will wager a guess that 90% of you reading this post will have visited/follow/or developed a good and proper attachment to Melbourne based blog; The Design Files. 5 years ago, just one month after I waded tentatively into the the design blogging world, I received an email from Lucy Feagins who was doing just the same. Over the years I have watched her take her own lead on developing a corner of the internet that really had no precedent to follow. Not only did she set some hard and

I’m not sure how many kiwis are hiding out in the hundreds of brick walled workshops on the back streets of Collingwood – but I know of at least one. Tara Wilcox is a former drumstick weilding band member who; after 10 years touring through New Zealand, Australia and the UK chose to give up the roving musicians life and in 2010 put down roots in Melbourne. But what does a seasoned drummer do when she retires from the limelight? Definitely NOT what you would expect…. It was actually the

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