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Over the last few years I have admired jumpsuits only from afar, pretty positive that my preferred roomy, breezy version would not be awesome on my top heavy, short-ish frame. That was until June, when buoyed by honeymoon vibes I tried on a magnificent swampy linen jumper at Toast and my new hubby (obviously also drunk on honeymoon vibes) bought it for me. And I don’t care what shape I am/ was/ will be….I am now a confirmed jumpsuit girl and am obsessed on deciding on my next target. So while I am

And its that time again when our friends at Elk reach into their design coffers and produce a collection of clothing, jewellery, footwear and leather accessories that pose some serious issues for budgets. So much choice! Their Winter ’14 range; “Remember” is stacked with their signature clean, casual,  scandi-tinged aesthetic with the odd punch of colour and pattern not to mention their first major foray into homewares with a cool kilim rug! This year they are dropping the selection in two parts. Most of what you see here is available

Nine years ago Marnie Goding was flexing her marketing and events skills in corporate level positions in Melbourne. The day I met her in July this year she had just finished shooting the SS13 range for her accessories brand; Elk. Her sea change wasn’t down to luck – more a passion captured and combined with some seriously savvy business acumen. My afternoon spent exploring Elk’s Preston headquarters was a bit of a dream come true really. Being a long time fan of their natural jewellery, leather accessories, clothing and general

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