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When launching into the unknown, I’ll admit, it can be really hard to even know where to turn for advice and inspiration! I’ll also admit, I’ve found it pretty tricky to find resources on growing a flower garden in NZ (beyond vegie gardens) and often turn to the cult gardening scene in the UK for ideas and solid information.Before we explore the nitty gritty of the actual growing of our gardens in blog posts to come, firstly, I wanted to share all the avenues I have discovered to get my previously

As an 8-year-old being bribed to do my mother’s weeding, my lack of interest in gardening far outweighed my thirst for pocket money. Not much changed into adulthood and while I definitely appreciated gardens at surface level, I was mostly focused on pillaging neighbourhood blooms that hung over fences. Fast forward to 36 years of age and I found myself having moved back to Christchurch with a husband-to-be, a terrific villa in Linwood and the very real prospect that I was going to live there for some time. The transient

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