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  Just in time for messing up your Christmas wishlists, here is a selection of 13 designers from all over the world with wares to tempt. I feel like I could have easily added another 13+ but there’s plenty of time for that! I can still remember the first “ring” I bought aged 15. It was silver and from a local Christchurch designer that everyone my age was into at the time and I reallllllllyyyy loved it. I was in and I was edging on being a grown up! Jewellery

I have MANY friends who have far more exuberant and bold taste in fashion than I, but one thing I harbour a weakness for is…the statement earring. It could have a lot to do with my years of ‘artfully’ shrouding myself in black (something I am pleased to say I have mostly weaned myself off) which needed some kind of colour punctuation BUT it probably has more to do with the fact that they are ‘one size fits all’! Exciting earrings are for anyone and everyone, offering a super cool

And its that time again when our friends at Elk reach into their design coffers and produce a collection of clothing, jewellery, footwear and leather accessories that pose some serious issues for budgets. So much choice! Their Winter ’14 range; “Remember” is stacked with their signature clean, casual,  scandi-tinged aesthetic with the odd punch of colour and pattern not to mention their first major foray into homewares with a cool kilim rug! This year they are dropping the selection in two parts. Most of what you see here is available

Yep – this is pretty much just a public service announcement to say that the Dots + Dashes Collection I shared with you late last year is now live and being added to on Abby Seymours new site.  It’s just all really really good! – I visited Abby in her Melbourne studio here.

Vancouver based,  NZ jewellery designer; Alexandra Dodds has responded to her enquiries for alternative options in precious rings suitable for brides. Keeping in line with her organic, natural style she has produced the “Nereus” collection of precious bands and rings crowned with aquamarines, rubies and sapphires. Beautiful! While the collection is produced for Cavalier Fine Jewellery Shoppe in Vancouver you can contact Alexandra directly for any custom enquiries.

Australian creative force; Lucy Folk loves food annnnnd jewellery to the point she found a way to mash them up in a beautiful (non messy!) way! Here are a few of my favourites from her most recent collection; “All Sorts” and you can check out the rest (plus all the past ones) online here.

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