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This Store Front post is an extension of the Creative HQ feature I did with Juliette Hogan back in October. I actually shot this beautiful shop the same day I visited her studio… but that post was going to be a monster if all was included so two parts seemed wise! While many of you reading will be familiar with Britomart and most likely the JHO store, for those of you not – this waterfront area of downtown Auckland has seen an incredible rejuvination over the last 6 years and

From left: Sales and Communications Manager; Chantelle Mears, Design Assistant and Production Manager; Meagan Curran and Juliette Hogan. …… The name Juliette Hogan is synonymous with clothing that is loved as much by the fashion industry insiders as it is by us everyday females. Her story is an inspiring tale of good kiwi grit and dedication mixed with an aesthetic that gently combines luxury with a casual vibe. With nearly 10 years on the clock, its safe to say that Juliette has got a brand story to be proud of

This is pretty much gorgeous. It’s meant to get you excited about Juliette Hogan (which I think it does) but it also gets me excited about a blustery waterside summer and the film making talent in NZ. Awesome job by Todd Bilton and Rachel Morton. Juliette Hogan Yacht Rockers from Todd Bilton on Vimeo.

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