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When I first met and interviewed Kelly Thompson in May last year, she indicated she was working on her biggest commercial project yet….bound by confidentiality agreements she couldn’t reveal who her client was but I can tell you my eyebrows suitably shot up when she revealed it all a few weeks ago! Invited to pitch a concept in competition with 5 other artists (presumably from around the world) Kelly first started working on her concept for Escada’s new perfume; Born in Paradise pre Christmas 2011. Kelly has done a series

In celebration of turning 5 years old this month, NZ based footwear label; Chaos + Harmony enlisted kiwi illustrater Kelly Thompson to help them do it in style! To commemorate the re-release of 5 of their favourite designs in black, Kelly created an artwork for each. You can check out the rest at Kelly’s great blog including a Q&A with Chaos + Harmony designer; Rebecca Anderson. Remember the little collab I did with Chaos + Harmony this year?

Tanya Carlson for Sealy Otis Frizzell for Sealy. Kelly Thompson for Sealy. Hollie Smith for Sealy. …… Sealy have pulled together a cool collaboraton for a brilliant cause. They have joined forces with 4 talented kiwis to produce these one of a kind beds that today go up for auction on TradeMe. With 100% of the procedes heading to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation its fair to say this might be the most exciting AND charitable bed purchase you ever make. Its a bit of a dream role call!

If you, like me, would like to add this crazy gaggle of colourful characters to your home then you’ll be pleased to know that Kelly Thompson has just listed a pre order release of Parrots with delivery in early December. All details here. And while we are on the subject of Kelly…I thought I’d share some of her recent work as guest illustrator for Hitched Magazine. Love it.

Those of you that have followed Studio Home for any length of time will know that I cultivate a pretty public admiration for the work of kiwi born, Melbourne based creative; Kelly Thompson. What I perhaps need to explain now – is that this has ballooned into a full blown crush following the morning I spent chatting and kicking around her warehouse apartment in July. I learnt A LOT about this pint sized talent and the importance of realising that the gloss and shine of the internet rarely communicates the

Verrrryyy soon I will be sharing the Creative HQ visit I had with Melbourne based, NZ illustrator/photographer/savvy creative; Kelly Thompson. BUT in the mean time I thought I would share just a few of these sun soaked images from her wedding to Christian McCabe earlier in the year – all shot by one of my favourite and most versatile kiwi photographers; Jessica Sim. You can check out the entire photostory here on Jessica’s site and take a closer look at the detail.  

Studio Home favourite Kelly Thompson has been on a HUGE spurt of art creation of late, and true to style she has morphed and grabbed hold of a fresh new take on her signature aesthetic. I have loved seeing a steady (lightening speed) stream of these bold luscious girls appearing on FB and her website -they have a hole lot extra of grit compared to the sex kittens of the last series!  Also love purple hair. And saturated eye shadow.  

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