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New on the scene in both the cool mainstreet of Kingsland, Auckland as well as the burgeoning online space down under, is the Tonic Room! After purchasing the original health store on site as a going concern in 2012, 29 year old naturopath; Katherine Lonsdale-Cooper has finally realised her dream of a space that takes natural medicine out of the slightly “hippy” arena and presents it in a way that the mainstream can appreciate, understand and relish visiting! Opening doors to her new and improved store just over a week

Its always exciting for me to see the progress of young, go getters that I have been lucky enough to meet so early in their creative endeavours. Georgia Jay is one of my favourites (a LOT to do with her magnetic, sparky personality!) and I am stoked to share some of her latest leather bags and purses with you. All constructed with beautiful, supple leather and hide. All handmade at the Terrarium studio in Kingsland, Auckland. All awesome.

I had promised Lisa Li and Georgia Davison that my visit to their new Kingsland studio/store; Terrarium would be done and dusted in an hour. Yeah….try close on 3 hours! While I had blogged the bags produced by both of these young designers in the last year, I hadn’t met them in person until yesterday and as it turns out they are damn fun and inspiring company! As I snapped and snooped around their awesome space they shared their ideas for what is essentially an open and exciting concept. Having

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