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ART. My guilty pleasure. Sigh…. A piece of art to me, is something with a story. Either attached to its subject matter or the person who created it. Art ain’t that generic canvas pulled from a stack at a chain store….although by all means buy up on those frames! Art is food for the soul and a visual treasure that becomes part of your “home”, wherever that might be. Something that you can attach memories to, not fire at the bin when you sense that “trend” is over. Despite moving town

Lets just say, collecting this selection of work to share with you was hardly a chore… Landscapes/views/streetscapes hold so much nostalgia and romance for me and as a formerly committed fan of photo realism, I have come to immensely appreciate the emotive effect of painted “impressions” of places. I think its a fascinating and beautiful thing to see an artists “take of a scene” that many others have seen before. Below you will find 8 New Zealand and Australian artists that I follow on instagram and covet to the extreme.

I’ve had one eye on the fresh, graphic style of NZ based Sly + Company for sometime but it was while browsing the latest newsletter from The Market NZ that I spotted some new work and was reminded that I was well overdue to share! Robert and Louise Sly join their obviously immense creative forces to make art, graphics and illustrated textiles – all with a distinctive modern flavour that is unique to them. I LOVE their largescale prints (particularly this one) and their growing collection of cushions. Lets not forget

Yesterday while cruising the virtual halls of Piece-Makers, I stumbled across these clever and detailed birdhouses by Hawkes Bay artist/designer/maker/gallery owner;  Perry Davies. I would personally love to actually live in any one of them! At the bottom of the post you gain an insight into Perry’s process by watching a short but beautiful film by fellow Hawkes Bay creatives,  Brian Culy and Rakai Karaitiana. y Da The Birdhouse Man from HOA TV on Vimeo.

Artist/actress/high country farm girl; Amelia Guild has those sparkly, glinty eyes that instantly captivate you. I have spent much time with her over the past few years as a close friend on many an adventure and not once did I ever see the sparkle level drop. Not once! So on my recent trip to Canterbury I finally had the opportunity to visit her with the intention of delving deeper into her story and sharing the grassroots life she has chosen with her husband and family – almost at odds with

You are getting the first heads up on this one peeps! Henrietta Harris is just this morning releasing this beautiful fine art print; “Haven’t You Ever Looked Up?” Now that she is very much dedicated to working on collections for shows and only offering originals, this is your chance to grab a print while you can. I am! For sure! This is how: A4 size Full colour print on 300gsm Hahnemuhle watercolour paper Signed and numbered, limited edition of 100 $80 NZD plus $7 p&p (NZ) or $12 p&p (worldwide)

If the imagery here doesn’t grab your attention then I highly reccommend you check out the video below introducing the incredibly capitivating project by artist Ian Strange. “Final Act” was created in Christchurch, using homes destined for demolition post the devastating 2011 earthquake. As part of the RISE Festival presented by Oi You – Ian worked with renown NZ cinematographer; Alun Bollinger to add even more depth to this beautiful and emotionally charged body of work. For those able to get there, the exhibition is currently showing at the Canterbury

When I first met and interviewed Kelly Thompson in May last year, she indicated she was working on her biggest commercial project yet….bound by confidentiality agreements she couldn’t reveal who her client was but I can tell you my eyebrows suitably shot up when she revealed it all a few weeks ago! Invited to pitch a concept in competition with 5 other artists (presumably from around the world) Kelly first started working on her concept for Escada’s new perfume; Born in Paradise pre Christmas 2011. Kelly has done a series

Ohhhh I did a wee fist pump when I stumbled across the work of Laura O’Connor on endemicworld yesterday! Yes – new artist crushes are pretty much what I live for! With a background in illustration, graphic design and animation, Laura has recently returned back to NZ after freelancing in Australia. I am well and truly sold on her mix of pencil and digital tools on these portraits. Sold.

Super popular NZ artist; Tanja Jade aka Misery is on a mission ! In response to a last minute invitation to attend Pow! Wow! Hawaii! (an exciting and collaborative art festival) she has listed some very cool originals on her Facebook page and as of today will be hosting an open auction there lasting just one week. The work of Misery is highly collectible, super recognisable and well worth putting your hand up to own an original! Pictured here are just some of the goodies listed but there are so many more. You can check out more

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