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Even though I get to visit Caroline and Simon Curtis’s cute cottage on a near weekly basis (Caroline and I are sisters!), reviewing these photo’s I shot recently reminded me of the MASS amount of work and change they have bought to this section and old home. Lets start on the right foot here – if you haven’t already reviewed the story of their Christchurch purchase and the mammoth DIY journey that would make many amateur renovators weak at the the knees, simply click here. There is a lot to

Snack food is generally far from serious – in fact it generally gets a seriously hard time! Enter Roger Holmes. The co founder of Stolen Rum and son of generations of corn farmers and you have the recipe for something a bit special. Well certainly special enough for me to want to share considering I am usually deeply allergic to posting on anything food related here! Last year Roger launched Serious Popcorn – debuting two flavours brewed (brewed?) with corn sourced directly from a straight talking organic farmer from the

I’ve had one eye on the fresh, graphic style of NZ based Sly + Company for sometime but it was while browsing the latest newsletter from The Market NZ that I spotted some new work and was reminded that I was well overdue to share! Robert and Louise Sly join their obviously immense creative forces to make art, graphics and illustrated textiles – all with a distinctive modern flavour that is unique to them. I LOVE their largescale prints (particularly this one) and their growing collection of cushions. Lets not forget

Yesterday while cruising the virtual halls of Piece-Makers, I stumbled across these clever and detailed birdhouses by Hawkes Bay artist/designer/maker/gallery owner;  Perry Davies. I would personally love to actually live in any one of them! At the bottom of the post you gain an insight into Perry’s process by watching a short but beautiful film by fellow Hawkes Bay creatives,  Brian Culy and Rakai Karaitiana. y Da The Birdhouse Man from HOA TV on Vimeo.

Its always exciting for me to see the progress of young, go getters that I have been lucky enough to meet so early in their creative endeavours. Georgia Jay is one of my favourites (a LOT to do with her magnetic, sparky personality!) and I am stoked to share some of her latest leather bags and purses with you. All constructed with beautiful, supple leather and hide. All handmade at the Terrarium studio in Kingsland, Auckland. All awesome.

To be fair guys, this is NOT breaking news! Imagery of the most recent Citta range has been doing the rounds online…and rightfully so. “A Winters Tale” is inspired by the beautiful nordic city of Copenhagan, and once again that close knit design team has poured their ideas across everything you could possibly think of or need in your home – offering another cohesive and down right attractive collection! So I decided to go for a trawl and check out some of my favourites. Many of these are listed “Coming

It’s seriously a great pleasure to be the first to introduce NODI Rugs to all of you ! I got a legitimate prickle of excitement when I first opened the lookbook from designer Olivia Smith… sooooo refreshing to see plush rugs that are innovative, unique and attractive!! Olivia has travelled extensively to induge her passion for design including studying Textile Design at The European Institute and working for several fabric houses based in Italy. But India and that soft but persistant idea of creating something on her own crept up

So I am actually REALLY excited to introduce you all to young Auckland based Elisabeth Kwan and her namesake label! I’m pretty much besotted with those bags above and have put many more of her handmade, leather creations (including the ipad, iphone and laptop sleeves!) on my list. Not content with just the design and production of her leather collection, Elisabeth has also just debuted her first clothing range on her site. I highly reccommend you go for a little browse and in case you miss it – there is

Young NZ designer; Matt Nash has just launched a brand new website and online store to showcase his growing collection of hardy but luxurious bags. Using a mix of oilskin, overdyed canvas, cotton and japanese striped poplin –  each bag also has a pre decimal NZ coin sewn into the pocket of each bag to bring good luck and safety to the owner. Love it! My favourite? The Super Tote. Product shots: Shadowlands Campaign shots: Sam Montgomery Hair Jason Chong Li at Stephen Marr Model: Veronica Crockford-Pound 

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