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Yes – every season you find me sharing the latest from Good + Co for the simple reason that every season I find good reason to lust after their work!! Good + Co. continue to use their exotic travels as inspiration and imagery for their silk, wool and cotton/linen scarves. The result is a beautiful abstract mix of colour and line when worn wrapped or a full image (sometimes reflected) when open. The materials are total luxury and as someone who road tests one of each style, they seriously last

I’m pretty into go-getters … especially creative go-getters, which is why I jumped at the chance to check out the set up of an exciting 3 day pop up shop presenting the work of thirteen designers. As part of the AUT Shapeshifting Conference; Creative Common Occupation has taken over the terrific first floor space of the Cross Street Gallery in Newton (Auckland) to collectively share their work spanning from clothing and accessories to print, illustration and film. All high quality locally made products from designers at the bright beginning of

I’ve mentioned Mons Royale to you a few times over the years and its with such bloody great satisfaction that I get to share their most recent premium merino range with you. Yes,  Mons are the kings of woolly undies and an empire that now includes mid through to top layer merino garments, accessories and my current (can not live without!) obsession: the Hero Vest!  But what reallllly excites me about watching the rise of this business is that they are living proof that you can create an international brand based

Small but exciting kiwi brand; Elver have just released their latest collection and once again its a hardworking, goodlooking stable of shoes, bags and wallets made from the best natural materials. I am totally sold on their lowkey and functional style which they communicate through some of the best lookbook pics I’ve seen yet. They definitely convey the classy kiwi adventurer I would like to be! You can check out their campaign shots from last years collection here. If you are an insta kid you will LOVE their feed as

Those go getting Maaike girls have continued their strong graphic style with yet another seasonal collection for the kids that want something off the main stream! “Manic Episode” has now dropped in full in their online store but you can peruse their stockist list if you would like to have a little try-on session. These girls were also one of my FIRST Creative HQ interviews and its exciting to hear that their stockist list in Asia is growing at a rate of knots!

Store owner and designer Natalie Newlands, 31, can rock a seriously snappy red lip and looks right at home surrounded by some of the regions best offerings in fashion at Queenstown store; Angel Divine. In February 2012 she purchased the business from great friend Emma Taylor – who had steered the popular shop for the 6 years previous but had to focus on her battle with leukemia which very sadly claimed her life. Natalie has continued the store’s legacy of supporting NZ emerging and established fashion talent and has now grown

I simply love Kowtow for their unwavering, crazy originality, beautiful fabric, dedication to sustainable business practice, acessible pricing AND the offering of clothing with attitude that is, by gad, SO COMFORTABLE! Their most recent collection; Support Surface is dropping into their online store and I am battling to keep my credit card away from these pants… (and this hoody and these leggings and…) I visited Gosia and her team in their Wellington studio last year.

So I am actually REALLY excited to introduce you all to young Auckland based Elisabeth Kwan and her namesake label! I’m pretty much besotted with those bags above and have put many more of her handmade, leather creations (including the ipad, iphone and laptop sleeves!) on my list. Not content with just the design and production of her leather collection, Elisabeth has also just debuted her first clothing range on her site. I highly reccommend you go for a little browse and in case you miss it – there is

Sometimes I kind of feel like graduate fashion can get so cutting edge and over designed that it isolates the audience as no one is sure they can pull it off! But in my opinon,  young emerging Canterbury designer; Hannah Claire has struck a fun balance between wearability and frocks that are just a wee bit special. She JUST launched her new online store last night and will be making most of her gorgeous collection to order so quality is assured! Go and have a browse.

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