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From left: The Trestle Union – Nikolai Sorensen and Mike Grobelny in the AUT workshop. …… While I can’t remember the first time I came across The Trestle Union, I do still remember the momentary thrill at finding furniture designed and made in NZ that I could actually afford! Un surprisingly, accessibility was definitely a motivating factor when two savvy product design students from AUT knocked heads and decided to give a business a whirl. Trestle Union is as fluid and forward thinking as its two young designers which meant that

Despite the raging popularity of her work across many platforms, Stanislava Pinchuk aka Miso remains humble and almost unaffected by the cult-like following she has garnered. The day I clattered up seven floors in the old lift of the Melbourne’s historic Nicholas Building, Stanislava was literally unpacking into her new studio and preparing to leave for a month long stay in Tokyo the next day. Being somewhat of a groupy myself, I lapped up the bare workspace and thought that despite its sparseness – it was of course brilliant and

Ok friends, this is a biggy but such a goody. When I sat down with Austin Moncrieff on the back porch of his Byron Bay house I honestly had NO idea where his story was going to go. So many times I caught myself with raised eyebrows or a disbelieving shake of the head. This guy is one of the most motivated and diverse creative forces I have ever met. And as you can see, he has a really cool house! Enjoy x While he looks like a seaside bred

Emma Leonard is definitely in my top 5 most favourite illustrators…ever! I’ve followed her work for years, fawning over her well stocked Etsy store and often buying her prints for friends. I was lucky enough to briefly meet her earlier in 2013 while she was helping set up this exhibition – but despite a tonne of emails and a social media romance, it wasn’t until November that I finally got to hang out with her. Big, deep, fan-girl sigh. As I’d anticipated, Emma is a super friendly, funny and easy

I dragged out the morning I spent with sparky Lucy Houghton for as long as I could. It started with rain before revealing a balmy Auckland spring day and her great chat and “work materials” were so magnetic that I found myself well and truly settled into a sunny corner of her studio/garage. There aren’t many people out there who don’t love a lush bouquet of flowers and I count hundreds that hold fantasies of ditching everything to morph into a florist – its a romantic and popular notion! Well

From left: Stephanie Somebody, Olivia Zan, Erin Neale, Tara Pearce, Joel Pringle and Sarah Cooper ……. The biggest problem I had with putting this post together is there really was SO much “story” to tell you! As the title suggests, I got to skip around on the edges while a terrific event was set up by a team of creatives, intent on not only bringing their own – but also their friends ideas to life. After looking through all the pics, my notes and the general impression I had on

From left to right – Team EG!: Katherina Dams, Lucy Hall, Alicia Gordon and Emily Green. Missing in action: Kate Henke …… On my recent trip to Melbourne I was really excited when  Emily Green, a prolific creator who I had followed for years, accepted my request to visit!  I wasn’t however, at all prepared to find such an awesome studio set up, team of chatty helpers and the Emily’s amazing, magnetic personality. By the end of the interview I was tempted to bin my notebook and ask if I

Hannah Jensen‘s beautiful smile jumped out at me from the TV a few months ago when she was being featured on the One News “Good Sorts” segment. As they profiled her work, teaching art to children at Aucklands Starship Hospital, I couldn’t ignore the ringing bell in my head – her name was so familiar?! I combined forces with my best friend Google and quickly realised that I had eartagged her to blog years ago because her work is AMAZING!! Within 10 minutes I’d whipped her an email and just a

Georgie Cummings is one of those lovely softly spoken types that doesn’t seem rattled by much…which made quite a lot of sense after I learnt about her “steady-as-she-goes” attitude to simply making stuff happen! Born and bred in Melbourne, she kicked off her studies in Industrial Design at RMIT in 2006. Like many students out there, hospitality offered a way to earn money around school hours and for Georgie the added bonus of indulging her huge passion for food. For years during and then following her degree she worked at

In a follow up to my interview with Raglan based WRW + Co. last week and the next terrific local maker I will share in early January, I wanted to give you an easy to consume peek into what I saw of that special coastal town. For those of you that haven’t been, Raglan is set at the end of its own road. You don’t pass through this place, you make a firm decision to visit it. There is a nostalgic, rural kiwi vibe to the small town which mostly

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