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Making the 45 minute drive down Auckland’s Southern Motorway and then winding through the dry (normally lush!) Bombay Hills injected my week with the perfect fresh start it needed. It was a piece of the country I had never been to and my rural roots buzzed with excitement. Kate of Arcadia designer Katie Smith had sent me a detailed email and map that definitely rung with adventure! “It’s 4.5 kms down the road, look out for the old musty green Merc and text as I’ll come meet you at the gate”. With Katie

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing the postcards that I sent out to collaborators this Christmas. You might recognise the pics from the road tripping I did on my move north from Wanaka to Auckland. Hopefully they don’t come across as soppy….more inspiring. Those quotes linger in my head as I push to make Studio Home downright awesome for 2013, and I hope that one of them might ring true for your aims too xo – I have some left over if anyone wants me to pop one in

WHAT: my lovely little 3 bedroom rented house where I spend many hours a week researching blog content, mostly with my feet up on that day bed. WHERE: the incredibly special small town of Wanaka, which mixes its country roots with sweeping natural beauty that has it firmly listed as a world renown tourist destination. WHO: I share the flat with two very awesome flatmates, Prue and Jase who have kindly taken on the task of living with Horangi, a large tiger-like feline with an abnormal personality and insatiable hunger.

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