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I spotted the special and truly unique jewellery of Sydney based; Marina Antoniou on instagram and experienced a large level of lust for this cuff! Marina has paired her study in industrial, object and jewellery design with education in manufacturing and diamond grading to produce a beautiful collection. Trawling her website revealed an extensive body of bespoke work too! Swooon. Top two images – Marina Antoniou in studio by Artisan Magazine. ……  

It’s that awesome time online when the Yen Female Art Awards open their virtual doors for entries and SO much Australian talent floods through their doors. I was browsing the entries the other day, stumbled by the work of Sydney based artist; Amy Blue and went hunting her trail of links. I LOVE her style!! The work below is a continuing series inspired by women she knows and she has just opened a store selling her current work depicting her Top Ten Favourite HBO characters. (check out the pretty cool

Rose Miller was another awesome find for me on Instagram (man I love that place!) As a Sydney based mother of two, she started painting as a creative outlet and has since decided to challenge herself to complete a painting every fortnight. Documenting her work on her blog and instagram feed under the banner Wolfgang + Rose, she also lists her paintings for sale here. Pretty amazing start right?!! I simply love her point of view and the sassy vibrancy to her work. One to watch I would suggest. PS

I’m stoked to introduce you all to a brand new little creative biz from Sydney based husband and wife team; Amanda and Benjamin. Under the the whimsical name; The Adventures Of they not only offer a range of prints, cards and wrapping paper but also a full custom design service for invitations which might just be what you are after for an upcoming special occasion. You can take a look at the work they did for their own wedding (also take some time to check that out too! beautiful!) but all

For the duration of our 3 night stay in Sydney we spent our afternoons and evenings with the most hospitable and awesome; Rachael Oakes-Ash in her ridge top haven between Avalon and Bilgola beaches. I’d never been past Manly so the daily drive back from the city was a bit of a revelation! A whole different world exists up there nestled in pockets of bush, national park and a simply amazing coastline. I spotted whales spouting, woke up to furiously chattering kookaburras, fence scampering ring tailed possums and enjoyed all

I’ve admitted to my boat obsession before … but once again it is being fueled by the beauty on offer from The Balmain Boat Company. Brand new to their stable of boat kits is the Pilot. And she is a babe! Big, accommodating ( you can take a few friends on your adventures!) and burly enough to deal with a little engine on her stern if need be. Definitely take a dreamy trawl through their site and check out their other offerings.

Last weekend I hopped the Tasman with two girlfriends, assuming my position as bridesmaid support for a focused wedding dress hunt! Armed with a rental car we whipped around Sydney throwing the bride through the door of many beautiful bridal studio’s and of course making time for important shop browsing and beach adventuring. It’s always amazing how your eyes seem so much more “open” when in a new city – the architecture, vibe and quirks of neighbourhoods that you fail to take in at home. I had an ABSOLUTE blast

My roving photographer friend stumbled across the studio of young Sydney creative; Lauren Webster over a year ago – leaving one of my cards with her and promptly emailing me the links to Laurens website. Super proactive on her part! However, despite having her bookmarked to blog…it took us ages and then a well timed series of emails in the last few weeks to get this work in front of you! Lauren has an incredibly recognisable,unique and fluid style that has seen her capture the attention and collaborate with jewellery, fashion and creative brands.

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