Taus Ceramic – Hip Flask

Taus Ceramics - Hip Flask
I’ve been spying on Tim Grocott of Taus Ceramic ever since stumbling across some of his beautiful early work at Douglas and Bec at Bloc. But I’ll be honest – it was while having a break from some solid Scottish dancing at a wedding recently that I thought I would love to have a wee cheeky hip flask of whiskey to whip out (you can judge me but its true) and at that moment the Taus hip flask flashed past my eyes (imprinted from spotting it on instagram).

So – here we are with a post about them now and my true intention to set myself up for the wedding dance floors of the future. I am even more sold on the concept after watching the great vid displaying its surprising robustness below.

Flasks cost $115 for plain or $120 for decorated. Currently they are stocked at Douglas and Bec in Auckland, Good as Gold in Wellington or you can email Taus directly via their website. Also check out some more work stocked online at Bon-Weekend.

Taus Ceramics - Hip FlaskTaus Ceramics - Hip FlaskTaus Ceramics - Hip Flask

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