TEAM.WORK: a Studio Home and Trestle Union collaboration // Pot Plant Stands. Designed and made in New Zealand. Available online exclusively at // Photography by Evie Mackay, plants from The Botanist, Auckland.Mike Grobelny and Nikolai Sorensen of Trestle Union with Lady the cat, me and our family of pot plant stands!
Photography by Evie Mackay,
Plants and styling by Eden Hessell of The Botanist
Location: Fuzzy Vibes

It’s with huge pleasure that I FINALLY get to share with you the debut project in my new TEAM.WORK collaboration series. The idea behind this was to create an avenue to ramp up Studio Home’s involvement with exciting NZ/AUS creative talent AND have fun working together to produce products specifically created with YOU in mind!

SO! First up!

Many of you will remember young Auckland designers Mike Grobelny and Nikolai Sorensen from the feature I ran on them and their new popular business; Trestle Union. Their plan of supplying well made trestle tables at accessible pricing paid off and despite both working in other design based jobs their business is growing and so are their ideas!

After the first of many lunch meetings we came up with the plan to create a product that was not only new for them but something that I personally have been hunting for FOREVER!
Brainstorming, sketching and prototyping ensued until we got here: our TEAM.WORK Pot Plant Stands which are minimal and subtle while still being something special and unique in their design!

Initially the collection is available exclusively here in the Trestle Union online store (although stockists will follow).
The stands can fit many different sizes of pot as the hexagonal ring at the top will support tapered designs while narrower vessels can balance on the central support which is also handy if you need a drip tray!
Available in three sizes and three powder coated, glossy finishes of white, black and clear to bring out the industrial raw effect of the metal wire. You can purchase these separately or as a handy set of three!
Shipping is free within NZ, a standard $35 (NZD) to Australia and we welcome any international inquiries just click through and drop us an email.

The beauty of collaborating is that the vibe can snowball!
When it came to the production of imagery and sharing this project I then reached out to some more terrific local talent. Photographer Evie Mackay jumped on board to shoot (perfectly!!) the imagery you see here and Eden Hessel of The Botanist came to the party to not only supply the awesome array of pot plants and foliage but also to be a major factor in the styling.
What’s more, earlier in the year I had visited the great space of the young creative visionaries who run the Fuzzy Vibes gallery on K Road and pocketed it away as a super special location for a shoot. Little did I imagine I would be sending an email asking as sweetly as possible if I could use it for my own project! They not only let us run amok for a few hours they supplied the most ridiculously interactive little cat to join in!

So. TEAM.WORK is officially in action! (deep breath!)

TEAM.WORK: a Studio Home and Trestle Union collaboration // Pot Plant Stands. Designed and made in New Zealand. Available online exclusively at // Photography by Evie Mackay, plants from The Botanist, Auckland.TEAM.WORK: a Studio Home and Trestle Union collaboration // Pot Plant Stands. Designed and made in New Zealand. Available online exclusively at // Photography by Evie Mackay, plants from The Botanist, Auckland.TEAM.WORK: a Studio Home and Trestle Union collaboration // Pot Plant Stands. Designed and made in New Zealand. Available online exclusively at // Photography by Evie Mackay, plants from The Botanist, Auckland.TEAM.WORK: a Studio Home and Trestle Union collaboration // Pot Plant Stands. Designed and made in New Zealand. Available online exclusively at // Photography by Evie Mackay, plants from The Botanist, Auckland. TEAM.WORK: a Studio Home and Trestle Union collaboration // Pot Plant Stands. Designed and made in New Zealand. Available online exclusively at // Photography by Evie Mackay, plants from The Botanist, Auckland. TEAM.WORK: a Studio Home and Trestle Union collaboration // Pot Plant Stands. Designed and made in New Zealand. Available online exclusively at // Photography by Evie Mackay, plants from The Botanist, Auckland.EM_7018




– check out the pot plant stand listings in the Trestle Union online store, pick your fave!

– in the comments below tell us the colour of the set you would like to win AND the shape we used as the pot holder on the stand?

– For a second entry identify the TEAM.WORK post on the Studio Home Facebook page, leave your two answers in the comments below it and don’t forget to check in and give Trestle Union a like too!

Competition open to NZ and Australian residents only on this one sorry.
A “set” of pot plants means 3 stands in total – one of each height and in one colour.
Drawn at random this Friday 26th of September.


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  1. Rebecca Solomon says:

    These are gorgeous! I pick the white ones. The hexagonal shape up top is really cool too.

  2. Wow these are fantastic! Love the black, and you’ve used a hexagon.

  3. Amanda Crane says:

    I’m loving the black colour of these with the awesome hexagon shape for the pot plant to sit in!

  4. Kylie says:

    I’m loving the white ones!

  5. Jo McAteer says:

    Wow! all cool….but would pick the black. The Hexagon shape used is so on trend!

  6. Kylie says:

    Oh and the shape is Hexagon!

  7. Jo says:

    Love these! You guys have done good!
    I’m a fan of the clear and you’ve used a hexagon!

  8. Katie D says:

    LOVE these! I would love the black set with those great hexagonal pot holders.
    So cool to see NZ designers doing such awesome things!!

  9. LOVE the black stands and the hexagon shape is great too – great combo and nice clean lines for interiors!

  10. charlotte evans says:

    White set and you used a hexagon! These are awesome!

  11. Jane Mason says:

    Gosh love them all! Great collaboration! I think my favourite is white and love the hexagonal shape. Very exciting

  12. Ingrid says:

    These are fantastic! Love the hexagon shape as well as the clear and black colours.

  13. Sophie Holvast says:

    These pot holders would really tie my room together! The clear finish showing the natural metal is my favorite and the hexagon plant casing is sheer genius.

  14. Shelly says:

    Wow, well done on your collaboration, these are all looking amazing. My favourite is the clear-finished metal. The hexagon shape for the planters adds great visual interest.

  15. Natalia says:

    Black, hexagonal! One can never have to many plants in one’s home.

  16. Cam says:

    clear are the ones for me! hexagon shape!

  17. Julia says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Hexagon awesome aesthetically and totally functional! Would have to run with the raw clear coated steel!! Love your work! Fab idea!

  18. Kimi Knight says:

    Clear coated steel – Hexagon shape used – these are awesome!

  19. Abbie says:

    I love these are both a stunning design and practical, white would be my choice and the shape you have used is hexagon 🙂

  20. Emma says:

    I looooove the white stands! So cool. You’ve used a hexagon shape 🙂

  21. Meg Wyper says:

    Oh love love the white and of course the shape is a Hexagon!

  22. I am sooo in love with these. Especially in white with the hexagonal top. Dreamy!

  23. Charlotte says:

    love the black ones! you used a hexagonal shape

  24. Elena Atanasov says:

    I love these! My favourite would have to be the raw powder coat. The hexagonal pot holder is nifty and trendy. Even if I don’t win I think I’ll be shipping some friends over to Aus!

  25. Courtney says:

    Yes please!! Clear coated would be amazing …. Hexagonal tops! Love love these!

  26. Oh my gosh these (hexagon — seriously cool choice) stands are incredible guys ! Would love some white ones to go with the white mural I’m painting in my new studio ! Fingers crossed !

  27. Jemima says:

    OH MY GOD THESE ARE AMAZING. I absolutely adore the clear coated steel! Had to count the sides, but definitely a hexagon shape 😉 x

  28. Emma says:

    Love the black. Very neat use of a hexagon to hold the pot plant!

  29. […] blogger extraordinaire and champion of Australasian design. Under Studio Home’s new venture ‘Team Work’ these two power houses have collaborated on these awesome plant stands. Available in 3 sizes and 3 […]

  30. peta says:

    these are so freakin rad! I was gonna comment before I read the competition thing, then I wondered why everyone kept saying “hexagon” and reread… so white hexagon it is!

  31. Sally B says:

    So thrilled to finally see some cool plant stands! The hexagon and the drip tray inclusion are very clever. Our Sydney abode would love them in white!

  32. Lisa D says:

    Have been looking for something like this for a long time – I love the black with the hexagon drip tray – it would fit perfectly in our home and make a lovely feature of our trailing plants that are too big for their current abode!

  33. chris f says:

    Congrats on the new product – those White ones are great! Cool use of the hexagon shape as well

  34. Suzy C says:

    These are super and would suit a variety of interiors, I like the white hexagon ones for a fresh summer look.

  35. Lisa says:

    Wow! These are fab! Congratulations. I love the black – which would go perfectly in my newly renovated home, which will feature a few powder-coated black steel bits and pieces. The hexagonal shape is genius!

  36. Bridget Lee says:

    Well done team! I’ve been hunting for some great pot plant stands for a while now too! My pick would be the white set, with the hexagon shape. Too good.

  37. Emma B says:

    Love the clever design and the use of the hexagonal ring. The black stands are my favourite.

  38. Melissa Reardon says:

    Hexagonal shape, brilliant
    would like the white, clean and bright

  39. Abbie says:

    Yaaay for plant holders! I like the white ones. Hexagons 4 life.

  40. Kylie says:

    I counted six sides so that makes the shape for your beautiful pot holders a hexagon, right?!
    If I was lucky enough to win I’d choose the black set.

  41. Karie Egerton says:

    Love, love, love. You have just inspired me to create a wedding moodboard and I will be including the WHITE pic, it is my fav. And if I win I will be using the stands at my wedding! You used a hexagonal shape.

  42. Caroline says:

    Clear hexagon!! Very cool project! Well done studio home and trestle union xo

  43. Sarah Yang says:

    These are so rad!! I’d love a black set – I reckon green plants would really pop against the black. Clever idea using a hexagonal ring.

  44. Jennifer Ma says:

    It’s wonderful to see this collaboration and through your site, I’m able to always get inspired by local talent and design.

    I love the minimalism and functionality of the stands, particular the set in white, which I feel have a Scandinavian quality about them and would compliment the bamboo floors in my new house. The hexagonal ring is not only very clever for fitting a wide range of shaped pots, but is also lovely way to incorporate more geometric shapes into the frame.

  45. Sarah Kelk says:

    OOOooohhh, amazing! Love the White Hexagon, Medium (600mm). Perfect union guys!

  46. Laura Benns says:

    I’d love a bautiful clear coated steel set with the trusty hexagon pot holder. You guys sure are a talented bunch!

  47. Maeve says:

    I’ve just moved to Auckland, NZ from the UK and would love, love loveeee one of the amazing large black pot stands to complete my new home.

  48. Maeve says:

    Re-read instructions: black and hexagon!

  49. Kim Wilkie says:

    I love love love these! I love both the white and black sets and think it is great that you used hexagons on the top. Well done!! 🙂

  50. Anna Shone says:

    I love the white hexagon shape, would look AMAZING in my new studio space.

  51. Cat Mulligan says:

    The black set would look amazing in our lounge! Love the hexagon!

  52. Laura says:

    white – i am all about the white. swoon. and inspiration from the bees with the hexagon 😉

  53. Sarah says:

    Black Hexagon Love!!!

  54. Would totally love these in our office – the White ones would look elegant and funky as well as providing clean air from the plants.
    Love them all – well done

  55. OMG i have to have these in my life!!! Love them. I would love a set of the white ones….oh how i would.

  56. Vanessa Prockter says:

    Love the white ones & the shape is a Hexagon. They really are so cool.
    V xx

  57. Brooke says:

    I love the white!!!!! so choicebombs. Get in my life x

  58. Ellen says:

    These are so cool! I like the black ones best and you’ve used a hexagon shape

  59. Kirsty R says:

    These are just delicious!!! Love the white and the use of the hexagon shape!!!

  60. Vikki OShea says:

    Love love love the hexagon shape in black…

  61. Sarah says:

    I have been looking for something like this in NZ for AGES! So hard to choose, but I think those hexagons look especially great in black!

  62. Elena Busche says:

    Both colours look great, for my home at this time the black would look best!! I’d love to win one of these stylish hexagons

  63. reid.damnit says:

    These look awesome Julia, excited for this new project! x

  64. delaney says:

    so cool you guys! hexagon. white x

  65. These are so cool and would look great in my clinic! I love the black, hexagon shape x

  66. Tracey says:

    Love the new found love for pot plants. I would love the black and the shape you used is hexagon

  67. Amy V says:

    Perfect for my tiny apartment! I would love the white hexagon ❤️

  68. Sophie says:

    I have been looking for something exactly like this for a long time – the white set would be perfect in the corner of our white-walled, dark timber floored apartment! The use of the hexagon to fit the pot holder to the (generally) circular pot forms is pretty spot on as well.
    I have my eye on those steel trestle legs as well…

  69. debbie says:

    I love the black! Striking, sophisticated and chic. The shape you used is a hexagon.

  70. Jo says:

    I love the way you have placed the vases! Perfect for putting in my flowers from the Sunday market.
    Love the White! and the hexagonal shape!

  71. Sweet, sweet black and hexagon. Chur.

  72. Philippa says:

    White is the best and a hexagonal shape makes the planter very versatile!

  73. Liz says:

    Wow! The black hexagons caught my eye! Perfect for a rental property like mine!

  74. Alana says:

    the clear is my fav and the hexagonal design is great

  75. shannon Lightbody says:

    These are so creative and sophisticated. That white hexagon would look stunning in my kitchen, I want to breakfast next to it!!!

  76. frances sandford says:

    i love the white!! i’m loving everything hexagon at the moment! these are so cool!

  77. Deborah Hannah says:

    Love these! I think the white would pop most in our lounge and you used a hexagonal shape 🙂

  78. Suzanne says:

    Clear coated steel for me. Love that you included that as a colour option. Hexagonal is the perfect shape !

  79. Alex McLeod says:

    Love the black and hexagonal shape.

  80. Summer Smith says:

    These are amazing!! Great design. I love the black and the use of the hexagon shape as the pot holder is awesome!!

  81. Emma Pottinger says:

    These are best! Love white xx

  82. Emma Pottinger says:

    Hexagon! Fingers crossed xx

  83. Rebecca Fraser says:

    Swoon! Hexagon shape – white stands please!

  84. Seriously delicious design team NZ! My difficult choice would be black with hexagonal top!
    Fabulous styling also!

  85. Stevie Maree Ave says:

    How lovely these are. The white, hex-ring set has to be my absolute fave.

  86. Amy says:

    The black would look fabulous on our new deck. The hexagon is a lovely shape.

  87. Jess Harris says:

    I think the glossy black would make my Venus Maidenhairs pop! I love the hexagon shape as a base as well.

  88. Amy says:

    Love the black ones! &the hexagon shape 🙂

  89. Helen Smith says:

    So clever and cool! Love the hexagon. Love the white.

  90. katie cockman says:

    Hello! I really like the white & the shape used is a hexagon! I like that it accomodates various pot sizes too 🙂

  91. Sally says:

    Awesome design. I’d LOVE a white set please. Shape is a hexagon!

  92. Would love to win your sexy black hex-ring collection

  93. Roberta says:

    WHITE WHITE WHITE! The green looks so good against it. And the hexagon is a smart shape to use to allow for other pot shapes.

  94. I LOVE THE BLACK ONES! With Hexagon shape.
    Go Trestle Union – you guys are killing it with simple, desirable items!

  95. Eve says:

    Wow, these are lovely. I have a veritable jungle in my house so these are perfect! Also loving the simple design, gives the plant/flowers the spotlight. I’d be so happy to win the black set (hexagonal shape)! x

  96. Kate says:

    These are so great, so in love with them! Would love to win the black set (hexagon shape). 🙂

  97. samone says:

    The hexagon looks great! Love all the colors but simply white would suit our home.

  98. samone says:

    Eek! Reposting I had a typo on my email!

    The hexagon looks great! Love all the colours but simply white would suit our home.

  99. Simon says:

    Industrial clear coating would be the business with the hexagonal top. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next.

  100. I would pick white as they looks beautifully clean and use such lovely angles and of course HEXAGON the best, well balanced shape there is : )

  101. Lauren May says:

    I adore the clear coated steel … with the hexagon shape. Love your stuff Trestle Union!

  102. grant osborne says:

    love the White ones, and you used a hexagon shape

  103. Jordan Luttrell says:

    Love the clear coated steel stands! You’ve used a hexagonal shape in the design. These are so cool! 🙂

  104. Nicayla Gardner says:

    Love the black!! And you’ve used a hexagon shape. Very cool design !

  105. Dan Main says:

    Would love a set of the white ones!! Hexagon as the shape!

  106. Dee says:

    Julia these are amazing! I’m useless at keeping pot plants alive but I can just imagine these on our big verandah this summer so I’ll have a crack at entering the draw – I love the clear coated steel, and the hexagon shape just so happens to match a massive window we have upstairs 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity x

  107. Kate Stokes says:

    The white stands are floating my boat – so clean and light! Also very fond of the hexagonal shape.

  108. Aya says:

    Love the whites // Hexagon

  109. Renee Boyd says:

    very cool love them all The white ones Hexagon shape look lovely in the photos in that light thanks x

  110. Lily says:

    Love the black, hexagon
    Is also love a bright blue or yellow!!!

  111. Sarah Munro says:

    Hi there- great team work. You have used the hexagon. I like the white. Good luck with them xx sarah

  112. Annette Hynes says:

    Would love a set in white, would look perfect here! Hexagon shape

  113. Anne says:

    Loving the white stands. Loving the hexagon shape 🙂 Congrats on this collab x

  114. jesse says:

    Big decision ILa la la LOVE them all. …Black with Hexagon shape

  115. Brooke Bateman says:

    These stands are awesome sauce! So rad. I would love to own the white ones! The hexagonal ring shape at the top is so smart!

  116. THESE ARE SOOOO FRICKEN COOL! Go you! I am currently in love with the clear coated steal (because its stole my heart), shaped by a fancy-pants hexagon. xx

  117. Gillian says:

    Love the black hexagons, got the perfect corner for them. Love that they are light and can be moved around, perfect for summer and winter! Love them

  118. Charlie Gordon says:

    Fabulous work Julia. Love the white hexagon stand. Would look so neat in our little home.

  119. Love your work! I adore plants using them both inside and out of my home. Being a landscape designer I can see these used nicely in a courtyard space. The shape is a cool hexagon design and personally I love all the colours but if I HAD to choose one it would be white.

  120. Kate lett says:

    Love the white! And you used hexagon xx

  121. Natasha Andrews says:

    I love these – our house is a hexagon so I just love that you have used the same shape- just perfect! I think the white would suit my house the best (although an orange or a yellow would be perfect if you do it!!)

  122. Leah Lewis says:

    I love them. I love the black and the hexagon shape!

  123. Alison says:

    Absolutely love the clear finish over the industrial raw finish steel! Great idea with the hexagonal shape up top – so versatile!

  124. Amber says:

    id be over the moon with any of them I think they are all fab!! White/black? Awesome

  125. Shahrzad Najd says:

    The Black (hexagon) stands are perfect!!

  126. Melissa Collow says:

    Black set pretty please, the shape is hexagonal and its fab!

  127. Tyler Ritchie says:

    The white stands are beautiful, and the hexagon shape is cool too.

  128. Kate Twigg says:

    These are exactly what I’ve been looking for….love the white ones as I would definitely be putting some bright coloured pots inside!! Love your work. 🙂

  129. Emma-Kate Paul says:

    The black set is awesome and would look great at our place. The shape is a hexagon

  130. Ellie Smith says:

    These are fantastic – LOVE the white! And it’s a hexagon shaped pot holder 🙂

  131. Daisy says:

    if all my wishes came true a set of the industrial clear coated pot stands would magically find their hexagonal way to my house!x

  132. Kate Hawken says:

    Julia, these are amazing and would be great for keeping the plants away from prying fingers. Plus they look amazing. I would love a white set. And the answer is hexagon!

  133. missy says:

    love the black , you have used a hexagon, i hope theyr sturdy

  134. Billyjean says:

    Black and hexagon. These are stunning!

  135. Shelley Handley says:

    Love the white and the shape you’ve used is clever and creative, a hexagon!

  136. Sarah says:

    Love these! Black & Hexagon!

  137. Gem says:

    Girlfriend. ( and trestle boys ) so good. White hex. So so good.

  138. Amy says:

    Love love love – especially the white ones. Love the hexagon shape also 🙂

  139. Lucy says:

    You guys have absolutely killed it! The white hexagonal shape is top notch ^^

  140. Diane says:

    These are amazing! The hexagonal shape look great especially in black

  141. Zoe Lenihan-Geels says:

    i love the clear steel coated ones!!! Would love to win these to put some spider plants in! Hexagon shaped!!!

  142. Louise Pap says:

    The Pot Plant Stands in Black would take any room from geek to sheek, practical and modern, bringing life and atmosphere into the home!

  143. Debbie Green says:

    Fabulous! Black hexagonal are calling me 🙂

  144. Laura says:

    Love the black will go so great in my house! I think I need two so will be buying even if I win! And shape is a Hexagon.

  145. Love the black perfect for my salon ! You used a hexagon shape

  146. Carmen says:

    love the clear coated steel one ! And the shape is hexagon 🙂

  147. Sarah says:

    Clever team – hexy white awesomeness x

  148. Ladesha says:

    White + Hexagon

  149. Liz says:

    I love them all but would pick the black. The shape’s a hexagon. Cheers

  150. Loren Woolmore says:

    Love the black ones! Hexagon shape 🙂

  151. Amy Buller says:

    I love the white! And you have used a hexagon 🙂

  152. Toni brandso says:

    I loooooooooove the black and they are hexagons.

  153. Rose Adams says:

    I loooove the black ones and I’m a little bit obsessed with geometric shapes at the moment so the fact you’ve used a hexagon is awesome!! Love it guys!

  154. Tessa Baker says:

    Loving the white ones….and dreaming of a full set of three…hexagon shape is awesome!

  155. Lauren Olive says:

    WANT!! Love the black pot plant set…Hexagon is the shape. Thanks!

  156. Sheryn Canter says:

    Love these! The set of three is a genius idea – I’ve been on the lookout for creative ways to add more plants into my home. Hard to decide but black would suit best at the moment. And you’ve used a hexagon 🙂

  157. Nicola Petry says:

    White hexagon please!!!

  158. Miriam white says:

    these are beautiful! I love the white ones. Hexagon to is a great feature. Nice work guys

  159. Warwick Vallance says:

    These look amazing.
    Love the white hexagon.

  160. Caro says:

    Beautiful simplicity. Black with hexagonal shape holder

  161. Deborah Wood says:

    A home is not a home without living breathing pot plants ! and my house is seriously lacking. I like how you can put a vase of flowers in the stand too. I am especially keen on the Clear Coasted Steel, and the shape is of course Hexagon. A fantastic concept ! Thank you.

  162. Tara says:

    White set and shape you used is a hexagon. Love these!

  163. Katrina Wall says:

    I’d go the clear coated steel and the shape is a hexagon.

  164. suzy says:

    I love the black or used the hexagon shape

  165. Hannah says:

    Love the white! You used a hexagon for the shape of the plant holder

  166. Sonya says:

    Already ordered one but would LOVE a set. I’d pick white and the shape is a hexagon. So cool, congrats to thw team

  167. Love, love, love these and they will look great in the new studio. White ones with the Hex top are my fave x

  168. prue kane says:

    hexagon – clear coated steel. Love them ju! think i could even keep the plants alive if they lived in these!! xxp

  169. sarah barrett says:

    These are Very Very cool , love the Hexagon shaped used , looks great and gives more variety for pots etc. and the clear coated steel is where its at .. great collaboration.

  170. Claire Amos says:

    Love love love the black set and the hexagonal shape!

  171. Nicky Slater says:

    Love them! I would choose black and the shape used is a hexagon.

  172. Tara says:

    Gorgeous! I love the hexagon shape – and the clear coated steel

  173. Kirsty mackenzie says:

    LOVE the black, shape is hexagon 🙂 great job guys they look amazing!

  174. Bex Dai says:

    Love the hexagonal shape! The white ones are my fave! Would looks super sleek in our newly painted house!

  175. Tui Moore says:

    Love the clear ones! And the hexagonal shape is so on point

  176. Ellen Calder says:

    Love the black set, looks awesome with the hexagon shape!

  177. Amanda Keefe says:

    The white ones are my fave! Love the clean lines and any chance to bring greenery into the home! The Hexagonal shape is very clever!

  178. Anna says:

    Loving the natural steel and the clean geometry of the hexogan. Beautiful design!

  179. Diane Williams says:

    Love the white ones. The hexagon shape is awesome!

  180. Jessica hough says:

    The white stands, hexagonal shape.

    I have just bought my first home on Monday, these will be perfect!
    Good luck choosing your winners 🙂

  181. Aimee Palmer says:

    These stands are awesome! I would love the White ones! You used a hexagon shape for the holder.

  182. Emma Spall says:

    These are so cool! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. Love the hexagon shap and the white is my favourite

  183. Fallon says:

    The black hexagon would be perfect for my makeup room!!

  184. Zoe Phillips says:

    Love the white ones, and hexagon! Can’t beat some geometric 🙂

  185. Victoria says:

    Fingers crossed for a black hexagon shape to house my fern!

  186. S Thompson says:

    Fab styling! I adore the white ones, and love the hexagonal shape.

  187. Rose says:

    Hi team! Awesome collaboration. The clear coated set would be perfect for my tiny apartment balcony. Hexagon shape looks good – and practical too!x

  188. Jess says:

    So difficult to choose but I think I would LOVE the black!! And the shape is hexagon. Brilliant idea, and I love the look!

  189. Beautiful design. The black plant stands would look perfect in my newly renovated living room although the white would look equally good. Renovation budget means the room looks great but is still rather empty and waiting to be filled!

  190. Amelia Bray says:

    OOoh the Black – definitely loving the black. And Hexagonal – just so good.

  191. Jacob s says:

    I would have to pick the powder coat black set in the hexagonal shape. They are killer! Perfect for the new office.

  192. Lauren says:

    So much love for plant stands at the moment! Can’t go past the white ones, and you use a hexagon shape.

  193. jess says:

    I love these! Killer work. The white ones would be just perfect for my long, narrow house—no more putting pots on the floor! And the hexagon shape is lovely.

  194. Rhiannon says:

    Oh I L O V E the white pot plant stands!!! I would sit a series of the three different sizes in a currently bare sun drenched corner at home! Fingers crossed…

  195. Jase says:


  196. Samantha says:

    These are the best! SUCH a fan! Love the crafty HEXAGONAL shape at the top as the pot holder, super versatile and clever. Would love a set in white if you could be so kind as to pick me!!
    X Sam

  197. Caroline Paynter says:

    Yes please, I would love a set of the white with the gorgeous hexagon shape for holding a myriad of pots. Such a fantastic collab-well done! 🙂

  198. I would do a little happy dance if those black hex stands made their way into my life!! Great work guys – high fives on a genuinely successful colaboration. xx

  199. Nic says:

    I’m a hexagon lover, with the clear finish, compliments the simplicity and beauty of the design. Absolutely love them 🙂

  200. Nicola says:

    So cool! White. Hexagon.

  201. You’ve used the clever hexagon as your shape. I love the black finish.. would love a set to add to my kitchen jungle. Congrats on the collab. So great!

  202. Pagen Plaizier says:

    Love love love the white hexagon. I need more plants in my new pad!

  203. Robyn Shapiro says:

    I love the black, and I love the hexagon shape!

  204. Emma Rowbot says:

    These are what my dreams are made of — design is a hexagon – in TRUE StudioHome style xx I love the black x

  205. Natalie McLean says:

    I love the black stands. The design is Hexgonal.

  206. Tannia says:

    I love the minimal design and how the stands create the illusion of floating plants. Black, hexagons are my faves 🙂

  207. White please, for spring and to add them and their lovely Hexagon pot holders, to my growing collection of plant pots, vases and containers as a florist in training! Go Team!

  208. says:

    These are so amazing and would suit my new Brunswick apartment – The Commons! I love all colours but I guess I’d roll with Clear Coated Steel followed by black. I love shapes. Hexagon! x

  209. Alice says:

    Loving these. Clear steel are awesome. You’ve used a rad hexagonal ring. 🙂

  210. Therese says:

    White with clear round vase, clean and simple LOVE.

  211. Sophie says:

    Loving the white ones! The black is awesome too – so simple and stylish. Hexagon too, just for good luck.

  212. Katherine says:

    Love the white ones! Nice elegant touch to contrast my crazy plants!

  213. Katherine says:

    Oops (see above)! forgot to mention that they’re obviously hexagonal. Love the white ones nonetheless!

  214. I love the white ones, and it’s hexagonal :).

  215. emma-jane says:

    Love the white ones! I need these hexagonal beauties!

  216. Carena West says:

    I love the white colour. I would put two in my house and one in my studio- I’ve been looking online for something like these for ages! The Hexagonal shape up the top just finishes them off so nicely 🙂

  217. Love the black!! Hexagonal shape xx

  218. georgie says:

    clear pls and the hex shape – swoon

  219. Rachel says:

    Love love the black & the shape is hexagon of course!

  220. Jess Watt says:

    I have been looking for something along these lines for the longest time! So excited you guys have created these beauties! Loving the clear coated steel and you have used a lovely hexagon. Either way these will be making a sweet feature at our clients weddings this season!

  221. Helen Dewar says:

    Love love loveeee white please! I need some lovely plants to brighten up our new flat and these HEXAGON stands are perfect.

  222. Danelle says:

    These are freaking amazing Julia! Love ’em. I think the white would go perfectly in our new Melbourne home! The shape is a hexagon. 🙂

  223. Zoe Aldam says:

    Love them all but the white’s my fave. And it’s a hexagon!

  224. Thea says:

    I would love the white ones! And the shape is hexagon. *fingers crossed*

  225. Jess griffin says:

    White is amazing! Hexagon shape!

  226. Sunny Visser says:

    Love love love these! Black ones would be perfect for our house! And hexagon is the shape.

  227. Rebecca says:

    Need these in my life. I’d love a White hex-ring for a white on white living room. ❤️

  228. Kendra Borrie says:

    They look amazing. White is my favourite!

  229. Kendra Borrie says:

    Whoops forgot the extra bit ….Love the white and the shape is hexagon.

  230. jeni says:

    White!!!! Hexagon!!!!

  231. Becca says:

    Oh these are ridiculously good looking! Love the white version the best, and hexagon of course!

  232. Sarah Parry-Jones says:

    Black… Hexagon!
    Two words, so much gorgeousness!

  233. Clear coated steel for sure. These are great. Such an unpretentious price too. Hexagon.

  234. tina lyford says:

    Love the black and it was hexagon 🙂

  235. […] of last month, Julia, the author has done a pretty special collaboration with Trestle Union called, TEAM.WORK. Together they’ve come up with a collection of super cool pot plant stands that got my heart […]

  236. […] of pot plant stands. In true form, they knocked around some ideas, experimented with prototypes and arrived at a design which is distinctly true to both of our brands and has proved to be a favourite for many of you. It […]

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