Tessuti interviews SØKTAS Glass Studio

SØKTAS Glass Studio interview by Tessuti - shared on Studio Home

I’m really stoked to present you with our first contributed story inline with Studio Home’s new richer, looser format celebrating our NZ/AUS creative industry.

This one comes from Tessuti, a beautiful store based in Auckland but doors wide open to the world and their detail driven customers online. Owner Ali McIntosh has cemented herself a loyal following due to her ongoing passion for artisan made products and celebrating the makers themselves. Obviously this is something we share too!

So its a pleasure to bring you an interview the Tessuti recently undertook with Oliver Höglund and Ryan Roberts of SØKTAS Glass Studio. 

Read on below for their interview plus some extra questions we asked all of them.

SØKTAS Glass Studio interview by Tessuti - shared on Studio Home

“Glass artist and designer Oliver Höglund of SØKTAS Glass Studio has been working with glass since 1999, a craft that was handed down to him from both his father and grandfather, who learnt glass blowing at the well known Kosta Boda Glassworks in Sweden.

Creating beautifully sculptural forms with molten glass, Nelson (Oliver)  and Melbourne-based (Ryan) SØKTAS Glass Studio practice a free form technique, executed by hand, which results in a finish that is both unique and signature to SØKTAS. We are very excited to announce the arrival of their favourite piece: the Vølt Glass Pendant…

SØKTAS Glass Studio interview by Tessuti - shared on Studio Home

How did you both meet?

We both arrived and left Norway at the same time. Without knowing each other for the first 3 years there we eventually met in our final year. We met through mutual friends and we became mates straight away. We were both feeling it was time to move on and return to our roots so we came up with an idea that we have been working on since.

Can you tell us about your studio space?

The glass studio operates with a pretty consistent pattern when making the glass. The afternoon is spent “loading” and melting the raw glass material, which is then melted overnight which can be used to create in the morning. An early start the next day is vital in setting up the studio to begin the glass making process which typically lasts from around 6 am to late in combination with the melting cycle and the cold working process.

What would be some of your most stands out collaborations or projects?

Our most memorable projects/colabs would have to be starting our first showroom here in Richmond, Melbourne. Another great colab we have is with Casa Amuk clothing — awesome people who make great quality clothing, it just felt like the perfect combo, so that’s been great so far.

What SØKTAS piece is your personal favourite, and how do you suggest this best be enjoyed?

Our favourite pendant would be our VØLT pendant light. We like it because its design fits with the original edison filament bulb, the refraction’s from the filaments work well with the glass and the warm glow produces a nice, chill atmosphere.

What was the most recent thing that inspired you?

Watching Stephen Curry win the NBA’s first unanimous MVP award really inspired us to strive to be the best versions of ourselves.”

SØKTAS Glass Studio interview by Tessuti - shared on Studio Home


I can’t live without…..
We both can’t live with out the ocean.

My top spots to eat in my town is ?
Feast of Merit, awesome feed and great staff. Richmond, Melbourne.

Favourite place to visit in Australia?
Yamba or anywhere around the North Coast of NSW.

Favourite thing to do in your downtime
We both love to Surf and Snowboard.

Current music in high rotation at your house?
Kurt Vile or The War on Drugs gets played a lot in the studio.

What do you think about when you are alone in the car?
Melbourne is a hectic place to drive, so we’re pretty busy just trying not to crash.

Where is your special place?
In the ocean.

Best advice you have been given?

SØKTAS Glass Studio interview by Tessuti - shared on Studio Home


Best childhood memory
The smell of fresh cut grass. When we arrived at our bach in the summer Dad’s first mission was to cut the grass! And that smell takes me right back to being 3 years old and arriving at the beach for summer holidays.

Favourite spot in your home
This will always be the kitchen area. I love entertaining and having family and friends over, and I really like it when everyone piles in and helps. It’s conversational, and when your hands are busy it seems easy to chat about anything and everything.
Bring all the problems to the kitchen counter – we’ll get them sorted in no time!!

Values you hold dear
Kindness, trust, dependability, inclusiveness, and ethical business practice. It’s all simple stuff really! But you need to ‘walk the talk.’


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