The Balmain Boat Company: The Pilot Kit

The Balmain Boat Company

I’ve admitted to my boat obsession before … but once again it is being fueled by the beauty on offer from The Balmain Boat Company. Brand new to their stable of boat kits is the Pilot. And she is a babe! Big, accommodating ( you can take a few friends on your adventures!) and burly enough to deal with a little engine on her stern if need be.
Definitely take a dreamy trawl through their site and check out their other offerings.

The Balmain Boat Company The Balmain Boat Company The Balmain Boat Company The Balmain Boat Company The Balmain Boat Company

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  1. Ed says:

    Ooooh what a beautie!! but I hate to be such a Nana….WHERE are their life jackets????

    • julia says:

      Haha Ed…..funnily enough my ears were ringing with my Dad’s voice saying the same thing! x

      • Ed says:

        I know…its the job we do everyday and teaching our kids as well that it is the norm to throw one on …just like bike helmets, so when you see adverts, even though they are beautiful, it just throws all that hard campaigning out the window! so many kiwis are drowned in our beautiful country every makes me so sad! right I will get off my soapbox now!!! I hope your Ma and Pa are ok? I heard the wind was awful again on the weekend!
        sorry about the rant! Hope you are grand 🙂 love the fabric store post…your photos are, as always, fantastic!
        Ooooh you will be so proud of us we have bought a smart phone now I just have to get my 11 year old to teach me how to use it!!!! Instagram here we come!!!
        big hugs Ed x

        • julia says:

          Its a WHOLE new world on instagram and AMAZING way to document your special part of the country.

          Yes I am a river girl born and bred and life jackets so significant I even bought one up to Auckland with me (for all my new friends with boats occasions…that havn’t happened!) My car got stolen and the ONLY thing they didnt’t tale was the vest. Go figure…xo

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