The Flower Bride

I’m excited to share the brand new bridal range from young NZ designer Kelsey Genna for a few reasons:

#1 we have watched her work grow and mature from the early pieces I blogged when she was a teenager yet she still retains her signature style.

#2 when I say “mature”…all the range below is designed by a 21 year old (!!)

#3 Kelsey hasn’t just done 3 or 4 dresses, she has produced a full and large collection and I really think she is offering a style that is unlike anything else in NZ right now.

#4 she hasn’t done this thing by halves. To give her collection the bed it deserves she has used fantastic creatives (including these guys) and launched a beautifully branded site, blog and online store which I am convinced is going to take her places.

Congratulations Kelsey Genna!!



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