The Sydney Weekender: city + the east

Sydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeLast weekend I hopped the Tasman with two girlfriends, assuming my position as bridesmaid support for a focused wedding dress hunt! Armed with a rental car we whipped around Sydney throwing the bride through the door of many beautiful bridal studio’s and of course making time for important shop browsing and beach adventuring. It’s always amazing how your eyes seem so much more “open” when in a new city – the architecture, vibe and quirks of neighbourhoods that you fail to take in at home.

I had an ABSOLUTE blast under the Sydney sun and wanted to share some of the sights with you. I’ve split the trip into two posts (due to digital detox I filled the void with photo-taking!) with snaps from the city, Woollahra, and Bondi Beach in this one and followed by Northern Beaches beauty next week.
I hope you enjoy.

Sydney Weekender 1 - Studio Home Sydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeThe historic Strand Arcade in the city. Love those tiles…
Sydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeSydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeSydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeView from the David Jones Bridal Studio. So distracting and dramatic!
Sydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeSydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeWe completely lucked out in our timing to see the city and harbour in the low late afternoon light.
……Sydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeAustraya. Love.
The Sydney Weekender - Studio HomeSydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeThe beautiful and lush back streets of Woollahra. So many secret gardens in there!
Sydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeBondi Beach in its fascinating glory!
……Sydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeSydney Weekender 1 - Studio HomeAll photography by Julia Atkinson for Studio Home.

I wanted to acknowledge the terrible bush fires happening around Sydney and beyond. While we were blissfully un effected, many are not and there are some seriously brave volunteers and professionals putting their lives on the line to do what they can to control mother nature. Crossing our fingers over here in NZ that those fires will be shut down soon.

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